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March 30, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve collated a Link Fest for you and I’m excited to share with you a whole lot of articles I’ve come across on the Internet over the past few months.

This edition includes articles about being judged, living a creative life, mindfulness, self-care when you’re on holiday, thoughts on your calling and purpose, creating calm, making excuses or making progress, being a quiet achiever and more.

Enjoy diving into these awesome articles!


∞  Are you afraid of being judged? This is for you.


∞  I loved Katherine’s thoughts on living a creative life.



∞  Wanting to be more mindful as you go about your life? Read this.


∞  I loved these creative and intentional goal-setting practices.


∞  How to practice self-care, even when you’re on holiday.



∞  Loved this: 6 resources to help ease anxiety.


∞  I loved reading Aimee’s musings from a night with Danielle LaPorte.


∞  Want to start your day more intentionally? Fran’s got some awesome tips on reviving your mornings.


∞  Thought-provoking read: Do you have to find and follow your calling?




∞  How to create calm in your life — even when you feel like you don’t have time.


∞  Looking for some book recommendations? Here’s 21 of Elyse’s favourite self-development books.


∞  I’ve been loving this podcast lately, especially this episode.


∞  I was so inspired after reading this: You can make excuses or you can make progress.



∞  Why you should act like a normal human on the Internet.


∞  7 things to know before moving to another country alone.


∞  Feeling burnout? Here are 30 ways to get more energy.


∞  Loved this: We’re all works in progress. If we admitted that, it’d be so much easier.


∞  Is being busy your excuse?



∞  Is there a perfect way to write your goals?


∞  Here are 101 ways you can be more mindful in everyday life.


∞  I loved this different approach to finding your purpose.


∞  I could so relate to this article.


∞  Why we aren’t as nice to ourselves as we are to others.


∞  Are you a quiet achiever? Here’s some insights on creating your own success.


∞  A few recent favourites of mine: This book. This movie. This tv showThis song. And this playlist.


Recently on One Infinite Life…


Want to add more gratitude into your life? This is for you∞  I wrapped up 2016 sharing my lessons, highlights and photos from the year gone by and shared an overview of what you can expect from me in this year, and what I have to offer you.

∞  What if you just showed up? A story about the power of showing up and how I committed to a daily yoga challenge in January.

∞  Here are 16 truthbombs I took away from seeing Danielle LaPorte speak in Melbourne.

∞  To celebrate the launch of the new and updated version of The 28 Day Gratitude Project I shared how I truly discovered the power of gratitude.

∞  You won’t feel this way forever. A story about how I first discovered the concept of impermanence and how it helped me navigate a challenging time in my life.

∞  I’ve shared a new edition of The Gratitude Diaries (the 20th segment of this series!) about the Beautiful You Coaching Awards Night.

∞  Do you downplay your achievements? I wrote this article for you.



∞  I loved being interviewed by Alessia (from Paris!) on the power of gratitude (and how to add more of it into your life), understanding my passion/purpose in life and what getting outside my comfort zone and looked like for me.

∞  I was honoured to have my article “You can be an introvert and be anything you want” in the first ever edition of The Introvert Effect Magazine created by Katherine Mackenzie-Smith.


Happy Reading!

One Infinite Life

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