One Infinite Life

This page is currently being updated to better reflect my approach as a coach and how I support my clients. 


For now, here is the basic information on my coaching packages and how I can support you. In the meantime, please do feel free to reach out to me at to find out more about working with me as your coach.



You + me + a 1:1 coaching partnership

My coaching series includes:

∞  An epic REFLECTION QUESTIONNAIRE to help you uncover how you’re currently holding yourself back in your life and to kickstart getting clear on what getting the most out of your one infinite life means to you.

∞  A free 30 minute IGNITE CALL where we will dive deeper into what getting the most out of your one infinite life means to you, what you want to get out of a coaching series and for us to determine if working 1:1 with me for 3 months is an aligned decision for you right now.

∞  1 x 90 minute INTRODUCTORY COACHING SESSION where we will explore what you really want for your life (and from our coaching series), we will set some empowering goals and intentions together for the next 3 months and prepare for our coaching series together.

∞  60 minute COACHING SESSIONS every two weeks for 3 months or 6 months. In these sessions we will check back in with your progress and explore where you’re at, work through any challenges that have come up and support you to keep taking empowered action towards your goals and the life you want.

∞  REFLECTION QUESTIONS & CHECK-INS from me every two weeks for the duration of your series (on the opposite week of our 1:1 session) to guide you in your own self-enquiry and help you reflect on where you’re at in-between sessions.

∞  EMAIL SUPPORT between sessions as required.

Your options:

Infinite Coaching Series. 3 months of support.

Your investment: Three monthly payments of $325 AUD or a one-off payment of $926 AUD

Beyond Coaching Series. 6 months of support

Your investment: Six monthly payments of $300 AUD or a one-off payment of $1725 AUD


Note: These package rates will be increasing when this page gets updated





Before booking in a coaching package with me I invite you to book a completely free IGNITE CALL with me via Zoom call. In this call I will help you to uncover what getting the most out of your one infinite life would be like for you.  This is also an opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other more and to see if we’d make an awesome match for working together in a 1:1 capacity.

You can book an IGNITE CALL and enquire about working with me by emailing me at



If working with me 1:1 is something you’re unable to commit to at the moment but you feel like you need some extra support, you might like to check out my free Self-Coaching & Reflection Guide.