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February 15, 2017

If you're wanting to commit to something new, or make a change in your life, or form a new habit, what if you just showed up? ‎

I first started practicing yoga when I was 13 years old.

My Grandad had suggested I give yoga and meditation a go to see if it would help me wind down and relax so I could sleep better.

Over the past 11+ years I’ve dabbled with practicing yoga — but I’ve never fully committed to a regular practice.

Until now.

Late last year I came across The Yoga Revolution — a 31 day yoga experiment created by my favourite online yoga teacher: Adriene.

The idea of committing to a 31 days of yoga felt really challenging to me — but there was big part of me that wanted to devote myself to it.

But before I’d even entered my name and email into the sign up box I found myself getting caught up in why I “couldn’t” do the challenge…

“I’m not going to be able to do this every day for 31 days, so what’s the point of even trying?”

“I’ve never committed to anything like this before and ‘forcing’ myself to do something everyday doesn’t feel good to me, at all.”

“I’ll only do the first few days and then I’ll drop out and feel like a complete failure. So what’s the point?”

Whenever we want to try something new or stretch ourselves in a different way it’s completely normal for fears like these to pop up and try to stop us from going through with it.

But deep down I really wanted to devote myself to practicing yoga for 31 days.

So I asked myself:

What if I just showed up every day for 31 days?


My intention for the experiment was to just show up everyday. 

I didn’t focus on what I wanted to achieve during the 31 days, or what I wanted to work on or improve, or what the classes would involve — I didn’t even think about doing yoga.

Instead I focused on showing up every single day.

I decided to commit to getting on the mat and starting the video each day — no matter what.

I decided to devote myself to showing up for 31 days — and just seeing what happened if I did.

Fast forward to today, here’s what happened:

I showed up every day for the 31 day Yoga Revolution.

And… I’ve also kept showing up long after the 31 days were over.

31+ yoga classes.

31+ days of finding a way to show up.

31+ days of getting on the mat — no matter what.

For 31+ days I’ve just shown up.

I’ve gotten so (so) much out of committing to a regular yoga practice, more than I thought I would of thought when I decided to sign up to this challenge — and I can’t quite put it into words.

But what it all comes down to is this: Regularly practicing yoga has been (and continues to be) life changing for me — on a daily basis.

All because I decided to find a way to show up every day and see what happened.

This experience has reminded me of the power of showing up — again and again.

That focusing on the first step is a powerful way to take empowered action — and to make the progress you’ve always wanted to make.

So if you’re wanting to commit to something new, or make a change in your life, or form a new habit, what if you just showed up?

And you kept showing up?

Again and again.



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If you're wanting to commit to something new, or make a change in your life, or form a new habit, what if you just showed up? ‎