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Hey there incredible human, my name is Chloe Wigan. I’m an award-winning Certified Life Coach and writer with based on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. I have a background in psychology, and my mission (the quick version) is to help young people get the most out of their one infinite life.

I became interested in personal development from a young age: I picked up my first personal development book when I was 12 and started practicing gratitude when I was 13. Now I support young people in overcoming what’s holding them back, so they can take action towards what they want — and ultimately get the most out of their one infinite life.

I also have a Bachelor of Psychological Science from LaTrobe University and I’m really passionate about youth mental health and positive psychology.

I believes that gratitude makes my life infinitely better, which is why I created the award-nominated The 28 Day Gratitude Project. It’s been an honour to guide over 300 people through experimenting with gratitude for 28 days.

I’m honoured to have won Shine Award in the 2018/2019 Beautiful You Coaching Awards. I’ve also been a finalist in the Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the Year and Shine Award in the 2016/2017 awards, Program/Event of the Year in the 2017/2018 awards for The 28 Day Gratitude Project.

And I’m grateful to have been featured on various sites around the web, including The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal.

You can find out more about where I’ve been featured below, as well as links to articles and interviews I’ve done on other sites, my professional bio and my media images.






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∞  Shine Award Winner: Beautiful You Coaching 2018/2019 Awards

∞  Program/Event of the Year Finalist: Beautiful You Coaching 2017/2018 Awards for The 28 Day Gratitude Project

∞  Emerging Coach of the Year Finalist: Beautiful You Coaching Awards 2016/2017

∞  Shine Award Finalist: Beautiful You Coaching Awards 2016/2017 Awards



Chloe Wigan is an award-winning Certified Life Coach and writer based on the Mornington Peninsula. Her mission (the quick version) is to support you to get the most out of your one infinite life.

She became interested in personal development when she was twelve years old, which led to her getting a degree in psychological science and ultimately leading to the work she does today. Using her experiences with personal development from the past fourteen years Chloe is passionate about coaching people one-to-one and guiding people through her award-nominated experiment The 28 Day Gratitude Project.

When she’s not coaching or writing, you can find her drinking chai, reading, hiking in her local area or binge-watching her latest Netflix obsession (Brooklyn 99) with her boyfriend. You can learn more about Chloe and get free access to The Infinite Collection at










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