One Infinite Life
October 31, 2017

It’s been awhile, but it’s time for another Link Fest where I round up my favourite things I’ve read on the Internet recently.

This edition includes articles on how small changes can make a difference, using Instagram to practice gratitude, some very relatable confessions from a life coach, what success really means, being unavailable and saying no, how to belong to others as well as ourselves and lots more.


∞  This is what becomes possible when you say no.


∞  I loved (and could so relate to) this confessions of a life coach series by Jo.


∞  Awesome public speaking tips for introverts.


∞  Loved this: 8 easy(ish) ways to build ethics into your business.


∞  What success really means.


∞  Are you hustling way too hard? This is for you.


∞  One of the best things I’ve read recently.



∞  Are you addicted to getting to the destination? Read this.


∞  Loved this: What if all I want is a mediocre life?


∞  14 fun things to do by yourself.


∞  How to use Instagram to help you practice gratitude.



∞  An important read: Are you a lightworker contributing to racism?


∞  This was such an incredible conversation about how to both belong to others as well as ourselves.


∞  Have you tried being unavailable for a day?


∞  Feeling overwhelmed by technology? Read this.


∞  An important reminder: You might be the only one.


∞  Small changes can make a big difference.



∞  A (loving) reminder to get a life.


∞  A few of my favourite things right now: This book, this book (I’ll be giveaway a copy of this soon!), this tv show and this tv show. I’ve also been obsessed with this meditation album. And so excited by this news!


Recent stuff from me:

∞  I wrote about a never (ever) again moment that continues to motivate me today.

∞  I shared the best self-help book I’ve read in this epic round up of book recommendations.

∞  Here are 5 ways to make gratitude a habit in your life.

∞  I wrote about achieving a goal in my life and an important reminder for you.

∞  Are you wanting to become a coach in 2018? I recently announced my epic bonus offer for future life coach trainees who want to sign up to the Beautiful You course next year and team up with me for their coaching journey. You can find all the details are here and a heads up that the next available course (February 2018) is now 90% sold out!

I also had some words featured in this special 50th edition of inspired COACH magazine.


Happy Reading!


Love & Gratitude,

One Infinite Life



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