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September 26, 2017

Keep going and keep persevering... because it will be worth it

Fourteen months ago I decided that it was time to overcome one of my biggest fears and learn how to drive.

This is something I had been putting off seven years, ever since I got my learners permit when I was sixteen years old.

I kept telling myself that I would make it happen “some day” — but that day had not come. I kept avoiding it, putting it off and convincing myself I didn’t really need a drivers licence.

That all changed in July last year. when I decided that I was going to commit to learning how to drive, for however long it was going to take.

(If you’ve been around here since then you will have heard me talk about this here and here.)

Over the past fourteen months there have been lots of little wins and things that have happened to make me realise I was making progress. Things like going on my first driving lesson, the first time I went on a drive and didn’t freak out once, buying my first car, driving in places I never would of thought I would be able to, passing my hazards perception test and so on.

However, when I look back on the past fourteen months the challenges come to mind more than the wins. Things like coming home from a driving lesson shaking and feeling anxious for the rest of the day (and sometimes the next day too), not getting in a car and driving for weeks at a time, not having a driving lessons for months at a time, nearly having my first car accident and so on.

There have been countless times I have wanted to give up, because it all just felt too hard. And there have been times where I did kind of give up for awhile.

But eventually… I would always recommit and get back in the car and keep driving.

Exactly two weeks ago today I had my driving test… I passed and now I’m officially a licenced driver!

My first response when I was told I passed was, “Really?” Partly because I couldn’t believe it, but mostly because I realised that this was it… This was the moment I had been working towards for the past fourteen months.

Even though it’s been challenging (and perhaps one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done) I’ve realised that if you really want something — you need to endure all the challenges you’re going to face along the way to getting there (because there will be challenges).

After having my licence for two weeks now I’ve realised this:

It was worth it.

All of the challenges I’ve endured, all of the times I’ve wanted to give up, all the times it was just too hard… It was worth it all.

So if there’s something you’re working towards — maybe something that feels out of reach and sometimes impossible I want you to know this:

If you keep persevering, if you keep recommitting and keep taking action — you will get to where you want to go.

So keep going, because it will be worth it.


Keep going and keep persevering... because it will be worth it

Now here’s a picture of me after I passed my test 🙊

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I’ll leave you with these epic words from Anna Kendrick (from her book Scrappy Little Nobody), “Having to fight for the thing you want doesn’t mean you deserve it any less.”

Because sometimes you’re going to have to fight and fight again to get where you want to go (and for me the past fourteen months have been a real fight!).

Keep going and keep showing up. Because one day you’ll back and know that it was all worth it.

Love & Gratitude,

One Infinite Life



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Keep going and keep persevering... because it will be worth it