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November 28, 2018

It’s time for another Link Fest!

This edition includes articles about loving your body, a reminder that this is it, how to use Instagram to make you happier and your life better (yes, really!), why you don’t need permission to live your life, the huge issue that the personal development world is not focused on, how to (truly) measure a day, a slowing down meditation and so much more.

∞  Will you mow a lawn for your dream?

∞  How to infuse more hygge into your workday.

∞  Want to get back into meditating? Here are 3 reasons to try again.

∞  A beautiful and important read about loving your body and building an unwavering relationship with yourself. Also: Here are 7 ways to start healing your relationship with your body.

∞  A great post on how to deal with negative reviews. I’d also recommend this book.

∞  An important reminder that this is it.

∞  This post on the difference between a hobby, job, career, vocation has sparked a lot of interesting conversations in my life recently.

∞  How much is enough?

∞  Loved this: “I was going to, but…”

∞  Amazing words on showing up “professional”.

∞  Here’s how to use Instagram to make you happier and make your life better.

∞  Why you don’t need permission to live your life. “The question you need to ask yourself is what are you willing to give up to live the life you want?”

∞  How to create your own self-care menu.

∞  Great advice on being an amazing podcast guest.

∞  Loved this: How to measure a day.

∞  Here are the best self-help books for anxiety.

∞  A spontaneous care checklist for an unholy day.

∞  Important read: The huge issue the personal development world is not focused on.

∞  Why dance is just as important as math in school.

∞  A reminder: You probably have to get uncomfortable to get what you want.

∞  I loved this Slowing Down meditation created by my friend Maddi.

∞  An important resource: Me And White Supremacy Workbook.

∞  On making joy your compass.

∞  This was super transparent and so interesting: I’m a self-made millionaire, and this is EXACTLY how much help I have at home.

∞  I’m looking forward to a mindful December and festive season with this awesome tea advent calendar.

∞  If you’re wanting to invite more calm into the festive season, you might like to check out Sonesence’s Calm Christmas Sale (who is the creator of my FAVOURITE meditation music),

∞  I’m looking forward to ending the year with some reflection on Instagram by taking part in Jo’s In December I Remember and Susannah’s December ReflectionsWill you be joining me?

Recent stuff from me:

∞  I wrote a post sharing my beliefs about personal development, my approach as a coach and what you need to know about my beliefs about the work I do. You can read it here.

∞  Are you wanting to become a life coach with in 2019? This is for you.

∞  I attended the Grace, Power, Growth, Impact event by Kemi and Julie and wrote about my biggest takeaways here.

∞  I wrote a new post called, “What are you waiting for?” inspired by a quote from The Good Place and created this free worksheet to help you make the most out of the rest of the year.

Happy Reading!

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