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July 31, 2017

July Link Fest: A round-up of the best things I've read on the Internet recently. Happy Reading!

Time for another Link Fest where I round up my favourite things I’ve read on the Internet recently.

There’s some really interesting articles in this edition about why the self-help industry isn’t changing the world, re-thinking self-sabotage, why nothing is once in a lifetime, how constrains and limitations can create freedom and a life-changing reminder that this is it and lots more.


∞  An important question: Are you focusing on the right things?


∞  I loved Claire’s behind-the-scenes insights on how she runs her online business.


∞  Such an interesting conversation: Why the self-help industry isn’t changing the world.


∞  Caught up in drama? Here are 3 simple ways to shut that down.


∞  A reminder that every day can be a spacial occasion: Nothing is once in a lifetime.


∞  Are you making these self-care mistakes? Also: Why sometimes quitting is the best self-care.


∞  Super interesting read: Can you be rich AND spiritual?


∞  Do you need that? Some awesome questions to help you simplify your life.


∞  Loved this: Raise your hand.


∞  Some awesome mindfulness tips for introverts.


∞  I loved this story on perseverance: The one shoe’d wonder…


∞  Caught up in people pleasing? This is for you.


∞  Loved this: It’s not always self-sabotage. It’s just…what it takes.


∞  What I learned in my first 1000 hours of meditation.


∞  How to stay centred and grounded while travelling.


∞  You don’t need to have it all.


∞  A reminder: Focus on your enoughness.


∞  How to plan for the next quarter.


∞  10 awesome questions for some mid-year (or anytime!) reflection.


∞  Stuck in a rut? Read this.


∞  Do you work from home? Here’s some awesome tips for you.


∞  I’ve been obsessed with this multi-part The Scandalous Truth behind-the-scenes series by Melissa.


∞  A powerful question for your growth.


∞  Interesting read on constrains and limitations creating freedom.


∞  A reminder that THIS IS IT.


∞  I’m also looking forward to dabbling in this photo challenge next month. Are you going to play along with #AugustBreak2017?


Recent stuff from me:


∞  I hosted an online class called ‘So you haven’t achieved your goal… Now what?’ all about how to go from feeling discouraged and disappointed to not achieving what you wanted — to getting back into action again. You can get free access to the online class here.


∞  I shared my thoughts on the dark side of personal development. I was really nervous to press publish on this article (seriously it sat in my drafts folder for MONTHS!) but I’m really glad it did and it seemed to have struck a chord with many people who are over striving to be “better”.


∞  I attended the Inspired Women 2017 event last month, it was a really beautiful morning of connection and inspiration. I’ve shared my biggest takeaways from the speakers on the day here.


∞  I was interviewed by Jasmine from A Feeling Life on about my daily gratitude practice, the biggest challenge I’ve faced about going after my dreams and my current favourite book, breakfast, blog and quote. You can read the full interview here.


∞  I’ve shared a story about my boyfriend, his devotion and how he inspires me to stop (over)thinking and start doing.


∞  I wrote about the ONE thing I did to help me make more progress with a goal in 12 months than in 7 years! You can read it here.


∞  And I’m currently booking in new coaching clients for August (and beyond!), if you’re interested in getting some epic 1:1 support you can find out everything you need to know here 🙂

Happy Reading!


One Infinite Life

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