One Infinite Life
October 22, 2021

How I became a life coach

Do you ever look back and reflect on what led to where you are now? 

Earlier this month as we entered October I realised that it was seven years ago that I began my training to become a coach.

This realisation made me look back over the past seven years and beyond to reflect on what has led to me here — right now — doing the work I do as a coach here at One Infinite Life.

I’d love to share an insight into how this journey began for me with you today as this hasn’t just been something that has happened over the past seven years.

To understand the journey that has led to me doing this work as a coach we need to go back even further to where it all began…

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December 11, 2019

Beautiful You Inspiration Day Melbourne 2019: Reflections & Takeaways

On Friday 15th of November I attended the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Melbourne held at the very cool Creative Cubes space.

I’ve attended a couple of Inspiration Days before (you can read about them here and here), but this one was extra special because I was invited to be a speaker on the panel for the day, which was a real honour.

It was also special to meet new life coach trainees who are excited by what they are doing, to witness the graduates of the latest course and for me it was extra special to get to meet in person and share the day with several of my clients who are becoming life coaches themselves.

I was incredibly nervous about speaking so I didn’t know how I was going to enjoy the day, but I got a lot out of the day and listening to the other speakers. I also wrote several paces of notes (I’m a reflective learner), so this is what I have used to put this blog post together for you.

Here are my reflections and takeaways from the Inspiration Day, with all photos taken by the incredible Fi Mims Photography who (as always) captures days like this so well.

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March 27, 2019

Reflections on Winning the CEO Shine Award at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards

On Friday the 15th of March I was honoured to have attended the 2018-2019 Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards Celebration at The Savoy Hotel in Melbourne.

It was really special to come together and celebrate our incredible coaching community and the amazing work that Beautiful You coaches are doing in the world.

This evening was made even more special as I was the recipient of the Beautiful You CEO Shine Award from Julie Parker.

In this post I’m going to be sharing a wrap up of the Awards Night with my reflections on winning the CEO Shine Award.

A special thank you to Fi Mims Photography for all the incredible photos in this post.

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September 12, 2018

Are you wanting to become a life coach in 2019? This is for you...

On February 21st in 2014 I officially signed up for my life coach training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

I was so afraid of hitting that ‘enrol’ button and what becoming a life coach would mean for me and my life.

I was 21 years old at the time and a full-time student studying psychology at university. I had no idea how it was all going to work out, how I was going to use my life coach certification and how it would fit with my degree and my future career.

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May 8, 2017

My reflections and takeaways from the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Brisbane

On Friday 21st of April I attended the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Brisbane, which was a really special day of connection, inspiration and celebration.

It was such an honour to be able to attend this special day as a Certified Coach with the academy. I loved getting to connect with some newly graduated coaches (congratulations!) and coaches in-training, plus I also loved getting to re-connect with some of my coach pals in-person as well.

I left the day filled with inspiration and excited to take empowered action on the insights that had been shared on the day from the keynote speakers: Amanda Rootsey and Angela Simson, the speakers on the panel: Naomi Arnold, Kate Caddle and of course Julie Parker.

Here are my reflections and takeaways from this special day, with photos taken by Emma Louise Newby 🙂

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March 26, 2017

Reflections, gratitude and photos from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards Night

On March 17th the Beautiful You Coaching Academy hosted their 2nd ever celebratory awards gala, which I was honoured to attend as a finalist.

It was such a special evening (and so special being a finalist in this year’s awards) and in this post I’ll be sharing my reflections and gratitude for this experience.

Before I get into it… A huge thank you to Fi Mims Photography who took all the incredible photos that are in this post 🙂

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July 26, 2016

A beautiful day of inspiration and connection. Here’s my reflections and biggest takeaways from the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Melbourne 2016

Last Friday I went along to the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Melbourne — and what an inspiring day it was! It was an honour to attend the day as a Certified Coach of the academy with my fellow coach buddies and to meet so many new coaches and coaches-to-be.

There’s something special about being in a room with the like-minded humans, and there’s something even more special when it’s for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy — the people that are drawn to this course (and the people behind it) are truly incredible. 

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April 22, 2015

Why I'm grateful for my experience with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Last Friday I graduated and officially became a life coach.

And my amazing journey with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy ended. But I know that this really is only the beginning.

To be honest there aren’t adequate words to describe how incredibly grateful I am for this incredible experience, but today I am going to do the best I can…

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