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April 27, 2016


It’s time for April’s Link Fest, where I round up all my favourite things on the Internet from the past month.

This edition includes awesome articles on what to do when you’re overwhelmed / exhausted / having a bad day / going through a hard time, how to get noticed, the inside story on pushing too hard, how to stop comparing yourself to strangers on the Internet (something I think we’re all guilty of!), everything you ever wanted to know about meditation, and ideas for random acts of kindness. As well as brilliant articles about whitespace, self-awareness, vision boards, feminism, and so much more.



Love this: Cheers to the chicks who did not peak in high school.


Authenticity: What does it really mean?



How to create a DIY inspiration board.


Going through a hard time? Here’s 5 ways to stay grounded.


Why self-awareness is your greatest asset.


Feel like you’re pushing too hard? Read this.



Want to get noticed? Read this: Do something cool.


Have you had a bad day? Here’s 10 questions to ask yourself when you’ve had a day that sucked.


Do you suck at first impressions? Felicity did and here’s what she decided to do about it.


Comparing yourself to strangers on the internet? Read this.



Want to start adding some rituals into your morning? Read this.


If you feel like what you do doesn’t matter, read this: Be the lighthouse.


A few things not to say to someone with anxiety.


When it comes to meditation, there’s often a lot of confusion and misconceptions. Thankfully, Erin has done a meditation question and answer about everything you want to know about meditation.



How to create a beautiful visual representation of the vision you have for your life. #5 is something I’v never thought of doing before, but I’m going to start doing it from now on 😉


Want to be more generous? Here are 21 random acts of kindness to get you started.


Feeling exhausted? Here’s why and how you can help yourself.


Do you work with clients? Here’s some really great tips and lessons on being fully booked and fully creative.



I’m obsessed with matcha at the moment, so I was thrilled to come across this recipe for matcha chia pudding.


Stuck in a social media vortex? Here’s 30 things you can do instead of scrolling.


Love this: Feminism is consciousness.



Love this: Whitespace – what it is, why you need it, where to find it.


Here are 4 questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Emily turned 30 and shared 29 short stories and life lessons she has learnt in 29 years. They are funny, touching and very human.


Here are 6 awesome podcasts to inspire you to dream bigger (I listen to and love every one of these!).


An important reminder: You can be inspiring just by being yourself.



Love this: I’m nowhere near perfect and why you need to know this.


Super fascinating read: A chronology of my life as a professional writer.


Stuff from me this month:

This month I had Introvert Week here on the blog, you can check out the recap here or the individual posts here:

So… I’m an introvert. A story about when I first discovered I was an introvert, the misconceptions about introverts that are just not true and a dot-point history of what being introverted has been like for me.

I shared what I’ve learnt from Shhh by Katherine Mackenzie-Smith (plus there’s a giveaway happening!).

I had the pleasure of interviewing with Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, someone who has found their own unique way to shine as an introvert and she shared lots of wisdom. Read it here.

I shared 5 things that have helped me to embrace being an introvert and not let it hold me back. And also had 17 introverts share their insights on how they embrace their introverted nature.



Issue 9 promo 2I was thrilled to have an article featured in one of my favourite online magazines: Raspberry Magazine. I wrote about how you can use gratitude to help you navigate the online world (it’s also a really awesome edition with great articles and interviews — plus it’s free!). Read it here.

I’ve been hanging out over at CASA DE KARMA this month talking about one of my all-time favourite topics: Gratitude. I’ve shared o5 simple ways you can practice gratitude in your daily life as well as 7 of my favourite quotes on gratitude and how you can put them into action in your own life.


Happy Reading!

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  • Aw! Thanks for including sharing my article about scrolling! <3 xxx

    • My pleasure Tahlee! At the moment I’ve been dedicated to using social media intentionally and consciously, as well as spending less time scrolling in general, so it was a very timely and useful article for me. And of course — listening to your meditones is one of my favourite things to do instead of mindless scrolling ??

      • Nawww! Tee hee – thank you sweetheart. And “intentional and conscious social media use” is the best. Love it babe.

  • Anne Clark

    Awesome blog as always Chloe. I do love reading your work. xx

  • Jia Ni Teo

    Thank you for the feature Chloe! <3

    • My pleasure Jia, I loved your article! I’ve already gone through my vision board and updated the captions like you suggested ?

      • Jia Ni Teo

        Yay!!! I love hearing that!!!

  • Thank you so much for including my article! Can’t wait to see who wins the giveaway xx

    • My pleasure Katherine, I really loved your article (as always!). I’m looking forward to seeing who wins as well ??

  • Erin Williams

    I love your round-ups Chloe and thanks for including one of mine.
    PS. It was super exciting to see your posts up on Casa De Karma! xx

    • Oh thank you so much for your kind words Erin. I love putting these together so I’m thrilled to hear that. And it’s my pleasure — I loved your meditation post. I was super excited to have my article published on Casa De Karma, thank you! I actually discovered the site because of you so I should really be the one thanking you ??

  • Love this article! I am very introverted. After being with my boyfriend for almost 7 years, he is finally understanding what dating an introverted person is like and what it really means to recharge by yourself. It’s funny because he used to think I didn’t like him because I was introverted and did so many things independent of him.

    • So glad you liked it Natasha. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here as well, it’s really interesting how often typical introverted behaviour can be misinterpreted as something bad like not liking someone.