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March 31, 2016

Closing the gap, fighting for joy & having it all: A Link Fest of the best things I read on the Internet this month

It’s March Link Fest time!

And I’ve got heaps of awesome things to share with you in this edition like closing the gap between who you are and who you want to be, fighting for your joy, the truth about having it all, why it’s okay to be sad, how to have a calmer day and so much more.



Incredible words on fighting for your joy.



Looking for some new reading material? Naomi’s shared 20 book recommendations in celebration of International Women’s Day.


Thinking of working with a coach? Here’s how to go about finding the right coach for you.


How to overcome the fear of not fitting in.


Closing the gap between who you are and who you want to be.


Feeling sad? Here’s why that’s totally okay.



Here are 5 ways to have a calmer day.


I loved Natalie’s thoughts on owning the parts our lives that may not be seen as “acceptable” by society.


How to be authentic online — without oversharing.


Loved this: What you’re REALLY seeing when you see ‘success’.



What to do when life feels hard.


YES to this: When you “don’t have time” is when you need it most of all.


Wise words on how to go about making the “right” decision.



Feel like your goals aren’t manifesting fast enough? This is for you.


Loved these 9 practices to help you stay calm and grounded during your working day.


Why “I feel bad” is the worst answer to anything.



Incredible thoughts on the truth about having it all.


Feeling unmotivated? Ask yourself these 3 questions.


This month there’s been a lot of really interesting conversations around blogging in the online communities I’m involved in. I loved reading Susannah’s thoughts on is blogging dead? And Claire’s thoughts on the power of being real and stories.



Some things from me you might enjoy:


What I’ve learnt from Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.


Ready to commit yourself to a goal? Ask yourself these questions first.


My thoughts on why I keep practicing mindfulness and my strangest mindfulness practice were included in this inspiring round-up of mindfulness insights.


I interviewed Emily Ehlers on overwhelm, striving and playfulness.


Feeling like a slave to your morning routine? I wrote about how to make your mornings serve you over on Your Zen Life.


Here’s what I love about hiking (along with some photos of incredible hiking views!).


I was honoured to be featured in this incredible round-up of inspirational coaches.


I loved being interviewed by the lovely Fran from My Goodness Me for her Bold-Hearted interview series (which is one of my favourites!). Among many other things, I’m sharing a personal triumph and the limiting believes I had to dismantle along the way (hint: there were a lot!). You can read my responses here.


Happy Reading!

One Infinite Life

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