One Infinite Life
May 31, 2018

It’s time for another Link Fest!

This edition includes articles about success and “big breaks”, finding your purpose, internal gratitude, taking action, doing what you love (every day), an interesting computer experiment, mental health and more!

Plus it includes recent articles from me and some of my favourite things at the moment (including an awesome matcha hot chocolate recipe!).


 Be the person with the stories not regrets.


 Loved this 4 step process for working with the inner critic.


 I’m obsessed with this matcha hot chocolate recipe.


 Tahlee from Sonesence (the creator of the best and *only* meditation music I listen to) has released a new meditones album this week called Sacred Space, which is DIVINE. You can get 20% off with the code: sacredtones20


 On releasing spiritual beliefs that don’t belong to you.


 I loved Naomi’s write up about this year’s Beautiful You Awards Night in March.


 Want to find your purpose? Follow the bread crumbs.


 I loved this perspective of an internal form of gratitude.


 An important reminder that you can stop if it’s not working.


 A great reminder to just do it… Even if you don’t feel ready.


 Related: How to take action when you don’t feel ready and 3 questions to help you get into action.


 On creating time to do what you love every day.


 “Let nothing stop you from your work.” Love these words on writing and mastering your craft by Elizabeth Gilbert. And I loved reading this interview too.


 An interesting experiment: How I survived a month with only one browser tab open.


 A must-read for those in the personal development industry.


 Great read: “I never took my mental health for granted – now I’m reaping the rewards”.


 Related: Thought-provoking essays on mental health.


 I’m obsessing over Melissa’s obsession list.


 One of my favourite responses to the question, “To what do you owe your success?”


 Words on the big break. “The big break is the moment you decide to take your dream seriously.”


 I’m so looking forward to going to the Express Your Self workshop next month hosted by my social media go-to girl (and friend) Sophie. If you’re a creative who wants to be seen and heard online, definitely check this one out!


 For something fun, I loved this article sharing the Brooklyn 99 cast’s favourite cold opens.


 A few of my favourite things at the moment: This tv series and this one. This book and this book. This meditation. This playlist. This magazine.


Recent stuff from me:

 I’ve got a new blog post on how to be grateful when you’re going through a challenging time. It includes permission NOT to be grateful all of the time and a few tips to help you practice gratitude during challenging times.

 I’ve also had an article published on the Your Zen Life site sharing 6 ways to make your gratitude practice more powerful. You can read it here.

 If you’re feeling really far away from where you want to be or if you’re feeling like it’s really hard to move forward towards your goals I wrote this for you.

 A couple of weeks ago I attended ‘In Conversation with Kemi and Julie’ in Melbourne. It was an incredible evening of open and honest conversation about conscious business (and tea and raw chocolate!) and I’ve got a new blog post sharing my biggest takeaways here if you’d like to feel (re)inspired about being in business.

 Calling all future life coaches! The Beautiful You Coaching Academy (who I trained with and wholeheartedly recommend) have ONE final course available for this year and it’s getting close to being 90% sold out. So if you’re wanting to start your training this year, you might like to read this post all about my experience becoming a coach and how I can support you in your coaching journey (at no extra cost to you!).


Happy Reading!

One Infinite Life

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