One Infinite Life
May 16, 2018

It was Spring time and I was helping my boyfriend in his veggie garden. We were in the greenhouse planting seeds that would eventually grow into plants that would eventually produce all kinds of awesome things.

As I was popping a couple of seeds in each square of the tray, I thought about how we don’t expect that they are going to grow into fully developed plants the next day, or even the next week.

We trust that by planting the seeds they will eventually turn into a plant and hopefully one day produce awesome things that we can eat.

But we know that this process is going to take time.

We know we need to keep planting the seeds if we want to continue to reap the rewards of picking fresh produce. We know that we need to nurture the seed as it continues to grow. We tend to the plants every single day.

And then eventually — one day — we are rewarded with delicious produce that we get to pick and eat and enjoy.

Sometimes the process from planting the seed to reaping (and eating) the rewards takes a long time. But we know that when it comes to planting seeds. We trust this process. We trust that one day we’ll reap the rewards of what we’re sowing now.

A common topic that comes up with my clients and people in my life goes along the lines of this:

“How do you remain patient while working towards what you want, especially when it feels like your making progress slowly?”

For me, I like to think of every action I take and every step I take towards my goals like a planting a seed. It’s up to me to plant the seed(s) and then patiently tend to them as they grow.

Whenever I feel discouraged by how slowly it is taking to make what I want happen I tell myself:

Keep planting the seeds.

This reminds me to keep showing up. To keep doing the work. To keep taking action.

It reminds me to be patient and persistent. And I know I’m not going to wake up one day and my goals are magically going to have come to life.

I know that I need to plant the seed and continue to nurture the seed in order to get to the end result.

Reminding myself of this helps me to focus on what I can do right now, to keep moving forward (even if it’s just a little).

So next time you feel like you’re making progress to slowly or your goals aren’t happening fast enough…

Remind yourself to: Keep planting the seeds.

And you never know, one day they might grow into something you never could of possibly imagined.

So keep planting the seeds and keep nurturing them. Who knows what will grow from them?

One Infinite Life

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