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September 2, 2015

5 of the best things I came across on the Internet this month (in no particular order — because they are ALL awesome!) And also with a little reflection and elaboration from me

At the end of every month I usually round-up all the awesome things that I read during the month and share them in a Link Fest.

This month — between putting my own creativity first (I’m currently working on an awesome free gratitude e-course for you) and going on holiday to Magnetic Island — I haven’t really been spending much time reading on the Internet.

However, recently I have read a few things that really struck a cord with me, and I would love to share them with you today.

So here are 5 of the best things I came across on the Internet this month (in no particular order — because they are ALL awesome!) And I’ve included a little reflection and elaboration from me as well.

Happy Reading!

green-line.pngThe Answer To: “Where Do You Get The TIME?!?!”

The Answer To: "Where Do You Get The TIME?!?!" By Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

In the past month I have really been making time for the stuff I want to get done and prioritising these things.

It sounds simple, but it actually works.

Scheduling time to get that thing done is how it actually gets done.

Sitting down, time after time, to do the work is how the work gets done.

If you struggling with getting the time to get important stuff done read this.



Why I do not use social media anymore.

Why I do not use social media anymore, by Alexandra Franzen

I love that Alex does not use social media and openly claims (and owns) that it just isn’t for her.

In a world where technological connections seems to precede real world connection, I love that there are people out there who choose to not engage in social media. So refreshingly awesome!

As someone who chooses to use social media (with a lot of boundaries), Alex reminds me to not waste time on there, to use it intentionally and to make sure it’s actually serving me.

If you’re interested in my relationship with social media and how I use it without it taking over my life (or sanity) I’ll be talking about that more next week.


green-line.png28 of the best things I ever did — from my bedroom to my business.

28 of the best things I ever did — from my bedroom to my business, by Danielle Laporte

There is SO much wisdom and a great variety of life advice in this post. I found it incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking, that it inspired me to write and share 33 of the best things I ever did.


Some of my favourite takeaways:

∞  1. Started treating my office like it was a real room that was worthy of my best treasures, not the “spare room made into an office”.

∞  17. Put up serious boundaries with people who took great pleasure in not taking my boundaries seriously.

∞  27. I let the pain soften me. I let the joy soften me. I let the desire soften me.

∞  28. Stopped responding to text messages immediately just because they were “text messages”. Remember when not that much was urgent?

green-line.pngLet’s stop being embarrassed that we want to be better.

Let's stop being embarrassed that we want to be better, by Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes

I started reading self-development books when I was 12.

And I was acutely aware that this wasn’t “the norm” for people my age, which made me super reluctant to share that part of me with the world for a long time.


I didn’t want people to think I was “weird” for wanting to better myself, so I only spoke about self-development with certain people and held back from sharing it with others.

As I got older, I started caring less about what people though of my interests.

And especially ever since I started my blog, I’ve really had to get over the fact that I dig self-development and start owning it instead.



So here’s to owning that we want to be the best versions of ourselves and not hiding what we’re interested in, which leads me to…


Taboo-Woo: Why you need to stop apologising for what you love.

Taboo-Woo: Why you need to stop apologising for what you love, by Emily Ehlers

“This might sound a bit woo-woo but…”

Sound familiar?

Yep, it does to me too. I find myself saying this more often than I’d like to admit.

I have often found myself holding back from sharing things completely, or adding a woo-woo disclaimer to things I’m sharing because I think that people might things it’s a little bit too weird.

This post really hit home to me about how we really need to stop apologising for the stuff we love.

We need to stop censoring ourselves because we think what we have to say is “not normal.”

The truth is, no one IS normal.

We all have our own quirks and unique interests.

And It’s time we stopped censoring them and started owning them instead.



Some stuff I wrote this month that you may enjoy:

∞  What we can learn from Paper Towns by John Green.

∞  6 inspiring podcasts to start listening to now.

∞  The Gratitude Diaries: Movement & Stillness.

∞  5 Awesome Books I’ve Read Recently.


I was also interviewed this month on:

∞  Teresa Valentina — talking aboutmy why, how I got to where I am today, dealing with anxiety, what I have learnt through my work as a coach, books that have transformed my life, advice for fully owning your greatness and more. You can check it out here.

∞  Practise Glow — talking about how I take care of myself, body image and self love. I loved doing this interview and writing openly about this stuff was really challenging for me (in a good way!) You can check it out here.


Did you come across any awesome articles this month? If so, I would love for you to share them in the comments below.

Love & Gratitude,

One Infinite Life


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