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January 30, 2015

Creating more soulful connections, a delicious (and healthy) mac n cheese recipe, taking social media sabbaticals, why we make unhealthy compromises, how to read more books, rebelling from labels and so much more…


The January Link Fest is here!


Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of January? This month has flown by!


For me this time of year I’m usually on uni holidays, which normally involves a lot of relaxation and rejuvenation. However this month there has been so much going on. I’ve been studying online full-time over the summer for uni, completing my life coach training, trying to blog more often (and more consistently) and last week I launched my free eBook. It’s been a packed and wonderful month, and if January is anything to go by 2015 is going to be one incredible year…

Speaking of having an incredible year, if you’ve lost your way with your resolutions or intentions I’ve got some great posts to help inspire you again.

Plus this link fest includes gratitude journalling, making the most of the mercury retrograde, creating more soulful connections, a delicious (and healthy) mac n cheese recipe, taking social media sabbaticals, how to read more books and so much more…


∞  Could you take a two month social media sabbatical?


∞  Why we make make unhealthy compromises.

∞  Plus I loved (re)reading Danielle Laporte’s round-up of her most popular posts from last year. So much reading. So much wisdom for the soul.

∞  Loved this: how to stay healthy for more than a month.

∞  Speaking of health, here is awesome healthy mac n cheese recipe. I made this last week and it is SO good (and the boyfriend loved it too!)

∞  Are you seeking more soulful connections in your life?

∞  What to do if you’ve forgotten who you are.


∞  How to coach yourself into making a big decision.

∞  Want to grow your newsletter subscribers? Here’s 13 ways you might not have thought of.

∞  These life coaching lessons from Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now tour are AMAZING.

∞  How to fast track the life you want.


∞  A beautiful (and simple) recipe: roasted pumpkin, fennel and peach salad.

∞  How eating an egg led to rebelling from labels – so empowering!

∞  Want to spend more time reading books?

∞  I can’t stop thinking about this incredible moving story about Tara healing the relationship with her mother. There are truly no words for much this moved me.

∞  Here are 5 simple (and great) tips to kickstart your day.

∞  Mercury retrograde gets a pretty bad wrap, so I loved these 10 magical ways to make the most it.

∞  How to start a gratitude journal.

∞  Loved this: the 4 secrets of happy people.

∞  I cannot wait to make these raw vegan triple layer raspberry brownies.



The resolution revolution is here!

As we come to end of the first month of the year, I hope your still high on new year inspiration. However the honest truth is that by now you may have completely abandoned your 2015 resolutions or intentions and may even be feeling completely unmotivated and uninspired. But never fear, because I’ve got a round-up of incredible posts here to help spark some life back into where you want to go this year…

∞  Here’s how to stay on track with your goals.

∞  The dreamstorm method to create awesome goals.

∞  How to make 2015 your best year yet.

∞  A beautiful intention setting ritual and meditation for the New Year (or anytime!)

∞  How to set more heart centred goals.


From me this month…

Infinite: Take your life to the next level and beyond! Get your FREE copy here:

∞   Last week I was super excited to launch my free eBook Infinite: Take your life to the next level and beyond! If you haven’t already you can get your copy here.


∞   I started two new series on the blog: Blogs I Dig and Rocking My World.


∞   My most popular posts were 11 Ways to Sleep Better and 5 Life-changing Lessons from Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

This month it was completely awesome to be interviewed over on In Our Stillness in The Women of Wellness series. Check it out here:

∞   This month I was super excited to be interviewed over on In Our Stillness in The Women of Wellness series. We talked what wellness means to me and how I make it a priority in my life, my favourite book at the moment, how I practice presence, and fun things like what song I like to have crazy one person dance parties to. Check it out here.


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