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July 8, 2015

I took an unintentional break from blogging and this is what I learnt...

I recently took an unintentional break from blogging because I was creatively burnout.

The university semester had come to an end. I had handed in my last assignments and finished my last classes. I packed up my house and moved back home.

And I was planning on diving back into blogging as soon as possible.

But that never happened.

I was exhausted and completely drained. I had no ideas and even when I tried I couldn’t create anything worthy of reading anyway.

No matter how hard I pushed, it just wasn’t happening.

Cue: Mega frustration.

One day I was out walking and listening to an amazing episode of The Lively Show with Alexandra Franzen, where she shared this incredible truthbomb…

You cannot produce your best work on an empty tank - Alexandra Franzen

This was a lightbulb moment for me and inspired me to start filling my tank.

Over the past month I have come to realise that…

The secret to doing your best work is to create from a full tank  twit-bird

This has revolutionised my approach to my work (and life in general).


In the same episode of The Lively Show, Jess shared Johnathon Field’s three basket theory, which states that we have three containers in our lives:



The theory states that the strongest basket is always limited by the weakest basket, and we cannot keep pouring all of our energy into just one of these baskets.

In order to grow one basket you don’t need to keep pouring more energy into that one, but instead focus on filling up the other baskets and naturally it will have an effect on the empty basket.

For example, if you want to grow your contribution basket, you don’t need to focus on pouring more into this one, but instead focus on filling up the connections and vitality baskets, and this will have an effect on the contribution basket.

Even though this concept seemed counter-intruitive, I was intrigued by it.

Over the past month I’ve been playing with this concept and from my experience I can honestly say it works.



8 ideas to help you fill your tank


Stillness. Connect to yourself. Meditate if that’s your thing (it’s mine!) Be mindful and present. Go on mindful walks. Colour a mandala. Sit on your meditation cushion. Do whatever it is that helps you connect back in with yourself.


Nature. I don’t know what it is but spending time in nature is so grounding, rejuvenating, and inspiring.



Connecting with other people. Spend time with people you love, people who make you happy, and people that make your inspired. Surrounding yourself with positive people makes life infinitely better.

Start with the basics: drinking lots of water, eating nourishing food and getting enough sleep. Honour what it is you need to do to look after yourself. Some days I just stayed in my pyjamas, watched movies and drank herbal tea all day.


Movement. Get your sweat on. In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods says “exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy” — and I’d like to add that endorphins also make you more inspired, creative and therefore help you to do your best work.


Devote to your spiritual practice. Whatever that means for you.


Going on an inspiration diet. By that I mean consume stuff that inspires you, like blogs, books, podcasts, videos and movies. I love watching TED talks and have a bookmark on my computer filled with inspiring ones to watch.


Shake up your life. By doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Take a different route on your walk. Choose a book from a genre you don’t normally read. Variety really does spice up life.


The outcome of my operation fill tank was that I felt replenished and full of inspiration.

When we focus on filling ourselves up first it allows us to do our best work more sustainably.


If you’re feeling like you’re not doing your best work (whatever that is for you) ask yourself: what can I do to fill myself up?


Remember that you can’t do your best work on empty tank, so fill it up awesome human!


Now I would love to hear from you in the comments below with an answer to this question: What do you do when you’re feeling burnout and want to replenish yourself?


Here’s to doing our best work,

One Infinite Life




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