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August 13, 2019

On living life first...

Last year I found myself in a really bad place health wise, probably the worst I’ve ever been. It all happened after I had wisdom teeth surgery at the end of the previous year. So last year included on-going pain, multiple infections and even though I didn’t know it at the time a severe jaw condition.

It was during this time that I had the realisation that living my life was not being prioritised the way I wanted it to be. I remember lying on the couch in-between client calls and work and telling myself, “When I feel better I’m going to do ALL of the things.” And I would imagine how I would live my life when I was well enough to do so.

So going into this year I decided that I wanted to focus on living my life first.

Instead of focusing on work commitments, business projects or even my goals first (like I usually do) I decided to start with all the ways I was going to live my life this year FIRST, before anything else.

So far this year living life first has led to me…

Seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which was AMAZING!). Going to a Harry Potter High Tea. Seeing John Butler Trio live for the first time in such a long time. Going on a road trip for my boyfriend’s birthday down the Great Ocean Road and the best dining experience of my life at Wickens at Royal Mail. Going to a local Inspired Hike event. Celebrating at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards (where I won an award!) and attending this special event. Going to my favourite French restaurant in the city, twice. Seeing Hannah Gadsby’s new show Douglas. Going on many fun day trips which have included awesome food, hiking, going to different markets, exploring places. Going to events and workshops for all kinds of different things from breakfast clubs to aerial yoga and more. I’ve also gone to the movies at least every month this year (my favourite has been Captain Marvel). And so on…

I’m sharing this with you today because this approach has changed EVERYTHING for me this year.

By living my life FIRST I’ve been actually making living outside my life a priority and not something I just try to fill in the gaps of my commitments. And it feels completely different.

So my question for you is: Are you living your life first?

And if not here’s how I’ve been experimenting with this approach…

1. Asking myself: How do I want to be living my life?

2. Coming up with ideas on the things I want to do and experience this year.

3. Choosing experiences from my list and scheduling it in.

4. Actually doing the things!

The best way to describe the effect this approach has had on my life is these words by Alexandra Franzen“Action is the medicine that brings you back to life.” It definitely has been for me this year and maybe it will be for you too?

Here’s to living life first.

One Infinite Life

PS. If you’re needing some support to help you to life your life first, while you work towards what you want this year I’d love to support you. Here’s where you can find everything you need to know about my one-to-one coaching. I’m currently booking in clients for September and beyond, so if you’d like to team up in this way this year get in touch and we can chat more about working together.



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On living life first...