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November 30, 2017

The best things I've read on the Internet this month

It’s time for another Link Fest!

This edition includes awesome articles on putting off your happiness, the ironies of anxiety, minimalist gift ideas, rewarding your efforts and more. Plus there’s also some of my favourite things from the month, a round-up of things I’ve written this month and also how I’m reflecting on 2017.


∞  Are you putting off your happiness? Read this.


∞  I was so excited that this podcast is back and loved listening to this conversation.


∞  I really re-evaulated my relationship with technology and social media this month, so I loved reading these tips on digital detoxing.


∞  “Why we need people, but push them away, when we’re anxious.” The ironies of anxiety.


∞  An important reminder: What would you say?


∞  Are you wanting a different kind of holiday? This is for you.


∞  I found this really interesting: Some things I’ve learned over a year of being single.


∞  11 minimist gift ideas that add to happiness (not clutter).


∞  When’s the last time you rewarded your efforts?


Loved this: The four lists you need to make now.


∞  Have you got information overload? Read this.


∞  9 tips to stay sane during the silly season.


∞  I can I will, I can I will, I can I will…


∞  So important (especially for this time of year): How to say no and stop over-committing yourself.


∞  If you’re wanting to make this Christmas your calmest one yet, you might like to check out this advent calendar sale of my favourite meditation music.


∞  Looking for a planner for 2018? This is the one I’ve chosen for next year.


∞  Also, here are some journal recommendations and tips for 2018.


∞  Some questions to help you start planning for 2018.


∞  A few of my favourite things from the past month: This tv series. This book. This yoga class. This meditation album. This song and this song.


∞  As we enter the final month of the year, I’m looking forward to reflecting on 2017 by taking part in Susannah’s December Reflections and also Jo’s In December I Remember.

Recent stuff from me:

The best things I've read on the Internet this month ∞  I shared a collection of videos from Instagram Stories where I shared behind-the-scenes insights into my gratitude practice. You can watch it here.

∞  I wrote about my biggest takeaways from Cassie Mendoza-Jones’ new book It’s All Good, which you can read here. Plus there’s also an opportunity for you to win a signed copy of the book.

∞  I’ve wrote an article about how we “fill in the gaps” on other people’s lives and how this isn’t good for anyone. You can read it here.

∞  I published a new edition of the ‘Books that have changed my life’ series. You can read about 5 more books I love and recommend in Part 3 here.

∞  And I’m currently working on updating my coaching offerings for the new year… But for now if you’re looking for some 1:1 support before thenyou can find out everything you need to know about working with me here.


Happy Reading!


Love & Gratitude,

One Infinite Life



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