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June 29, 2016

It’s worth the risk, embracing winter & life balance: The best things I read on the Internet during the past month

It’s time for the June Link Fest — where I round up my favourite things I read on the Internet in the past month.

This edition includes articles about embracing winter, what to do when things suck, the truth about work/life balance, preparing for your end of year goals, the best apps for self-care, how to do those things you don’t want to do, evening rituals, why empowerment doesn’t make you weak, ignoring your introverted nature, why it’s worth the risk, and so much more.



∞  What to do when things suck.


∞  Here are 21 tips on how to embrace winter.


∞  Why you don’t need to do everything the ‘right’ way.



∞  Some awesome tips on how to add personality to your writing.


∞  From ultimate failure to unstoppable bad ass. Here’s 4 simple tips to shift your mindset.


∞  You’ve probably heard of/have morning rituals, but what about evening rituals.


∞  The truth about work life balance and how to get it.



∞  Here’s why empowerment doesn’t make you weak.


∞  Celebrating the awkward, shy, peculiar, and odd.


∞  Always get back on your horse.



∞  10 ways to do what you don’t want to do.


Here’s what Naomi took away from Speaking Out by Tara Moss.


∞  Busy? Here’s 12 ways to find instant peace.


∞  Have you been ignoring your introverted nature? Read this.



∞  Are your friends killing it? And you’re not? Read this.


∞  Do you have that’s a thing you can do?!? moments?


∞  Do yoga teachers have bad days?


∞  Why it’s worth the risk.



∞  5 steps to planning out your end-of-year goals.


∞  Celebrities and anxiety. Because anxiety can (and does) affect anyone — even if your famous.


∞  It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere, here’s 5 ways to embrace the winter solstice.


∞  For the dreamers, the doers and, most importantly, the travellers. How to navigate the tug of war between wanting to achieve what you want in your life and travelling.



∞  What happens when you show up with love.


∞  Instead of asking “What do you do?” Ask this instead.


∞  Loved this: A better conversation.



∞  There’s an app for pretty much everything nowadays, here are best apps for self-care.


∞  A permission slip to help you move in the direction of your dreams.


∞  I’m obsessed with porridge at the moment and here are 31 different topping ideas.



A few things from me:

Are you consumed by social media?∞  I was asked “how do I stay motivated in winter?” Here’s how I approach it.

∞  I was super excited to have an article published on Tiny Buddha this month about how I use 5 simple words to turn my day around.

∞  I was interviewed by Hazel about how I move through fear and resistance, the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken (and how I did it), the influence of authenticity when it comes to goals and so much more. You can read it here.

∞  I shared 5 ways you can evaluate your use of social media and ultimately make it work for you over at The Daily Guru.

∞  As I’m a huge believer in the power of gratitude, I’m often asked about my favourite tools and resources that inspire my own gratitude practice. Over on Casa De Karma I’m sharing 9 of my favourite tools/resources that are currently inspiring my gratitude practice.


Happy Reading!

One Infinite Life

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