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May 9, 2018

My reflections and takeaways from an inspiring evening at ‘In Conversation with Kemi and Julie’

Last Thursday night I attended ‘In Conversation with Kemi and Julie’ at the very cool One Roof Women in Melbourne.

It was an evening of open and honest conversation about conscious business. Plus getting to listen to such an incredible conversation while drinking my favourite tea and eating my favourite chocolate was the BEST!

My biggest takeaway from the event was that there is no one size fits all formula for being successful in business. I think the whole evening was a really important reminder of this. Both Kemi and Julie have done very different things in aspects of their business and both created their own versions of success.

I asked on Instagram if you wanted to hear about my takeaways from the event and the overwhelming response was YES, so based on the notes I took from the evening  here is a round-up of my biggest takeaways from the event…



∞  Don’t put yourself in a box that wasn’t built for you.


∞  Be open to experimenting in business. You don’t know what doesn’t work until you’ve tried it.


∞  Be consciously aware of what you’re doing. Make sure to pause (often) and reflect on what you’re doing. Have clear measures to work out what is working for you.


∞  Work out your measures of success for business. You can measure your success by all kinds of things… Like the amount of fun you’re having in your business, the amount of joy you’re experiencing and if it’s allowing you to be who you are!


∞  Focusing on doing (really) good work and being of service will give you longevity in your business.


∞  Be devoted to your craft.


∞  It’s okay to keep some of you for YOU. Work out what is sacred time for you and honour that.


∞  Know who you are and what you’re writing for. Write for someone specific. Ask yourself: What is keeping these people up at night?


∞  Be clear on what you stand for. Allow your message to change as you do.


∞  If you want to be a speaker: Put on your own speaking engagements and use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories/Live to practice speaking, using your voice and spreading your message.


∞  Create opportunities for yourself and stop waiting.


∞  When it comes to being afraid of sales ask yourself: How much do you seriously believe in your worth and what you have to offer?


∞  If you’re going to stay stuck in fear — you don’t want it enough.


∞  Do everything you can to step beyond the fear (only you can do this).


∞  Mastery comes from practice.


∞  Prioritise your freedom and don’t let your business ‘own’ you.


∞  Allow yourself to make mistakes and be compassionate with yourself when you do.


∞  You are the most important thing in your business. Listen to what your body needs. Make time to connect with yourself.


∞  The greatest creative project of your life is who you become as a person.


∞  Consciously curate your community. Find people that you can be 100% yourself with.


∞  Become the entrepreneur that you want others to be for you.


∞  Community will powerfully influence your success/failure in business.


∞  Freedom comes from giving to others. There is enough for everyone.


∞  Be a good boss (to yourself). You are responsible for your own wellbeing and your business needs you at your best.


∞  Comparing yourself to others is just a distraction from the work.


∞  What is it you need for yourself so you can feel ignited?


∞  Know when to ride yourself (take action) and when to rest (pull back).


∞  There is a new paradigm of women in business and it is powerful. There has never been a time like this for women in business. Feel into the power of this.


∞  Trust that there are women out there who thrive on you thriving.


∞  Do good work and do it with boundaries.


If you were at the event I’d love to know from you: What your biggest takeaway from the evening? And if you weren’t, I’d love to know what takeaway from this post has resonated with you the most.

One Infinite Life

PS. I’ve started reading Kemi’s book The Gift of Asking this week and highly recommend it 🙂












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