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May 22, 2020

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I’ve been having many conversations with clients and those around me about what they are doing to support themselves during everything that is going on in the world at the moment.

So today I thought I’d give you an insight into how I’m personally supporting myself right now.

I don’t have all (or any) of the answers for you with this. There is no best way to be navigating this time and supporting yourself right now, however the only thing I can speak to is what has been helping me through this entire experience.

So what I want to offer you today is an insight into how I’ve personally been supporting myself during this time. These are the things I’ve personally leant on during the past couple of years as I’ve navigated some chronic health issues.

I’m mindful that every single person reading this will be in a completely different situation and be experiencing things differently.  I trust that you will discern for yourself what is relevant to you and I also trust that you will take what resonates and is applicable to you and leave what doesn’t. If something I share feels like it may be supportive to you right now, I gently encourage you to try it out for yourself and see what happens.

I hope that there is something here that you can lean during this time.


Here are the 3 best things I’ve been focusing on to support myself…


1. Meeting myself where I’m at. 

This is about managing the expectations I put on myself each day. It’s about checking in with my capacity and how I’m feeling and meeting myself there instead of dictating where I “should” be. Depending on my capacity I might do less (if that’s an option that is available), take the pressure off myself to do it all or even meet myself with self-compassion and kindness in the way I approach the things that I have to do. Giving myself permission to truly meet myself where I’m at each day (and moment) is the ultimate act of self-kindness.

Currently I’m meeting myself where I’m at by running with the energy and motivation I have to get some things done that have been on my to-do list for weeks (like writing this note to you). However a week ago meeting myself where I was at looked like letting go of everything I was meant to do, not showing up to a call I was meant to be on, taking pain medication and binge-watching Never Have I Ever all day.

Question for you: How can you meet yourself where you’re at right now?


2. Asking myself: What’s really important?

This is about getting clear on my true priorities and focusing on what’s actually important and operating with these front and centre. In challenging times we can become really scattered and unsure what to do, so we put our energy in all these different places. I like to use this question to help me to stop and get clear on what I truly need to focus on right now. This question is my ultimate guide right now on how I’m approaching everything. It determines what I do in my work, what’s on my to-do list, what I’m focusing on and ultimately how I’m living my life.

Right now what’s most important to me is supporting my nervous system and really looking after myself, so I can navigate all that is going on myself and then also be able to show up in service to my clients and communities.

Question for you: What’s really important to you right now?


3. Filling up my cup.

I know people talk about self-care all the time, but truly taking care of yourself is important right now more than ever. Everyone reading this will be feeling different right now and wherever you find yourself right now you will need to tend to yourself in a different way.

We need to fill ourselves up so we can survive and do the things we need to be doing. Further to that if it’s something we have the capacity for right now, we need to do this to support us to show up the way we want to be. I know I wouldn’t have been able to show up for my clients if I wasn’t committed to looking after myself right now.. Think about what you need to do to fill yourself up and ask yourself what are you really needing right now? Then please if you can give it to yourself.

I also think it’s important to meet yourself where you’re at with your self-care. It’s important to take into consideration where you’re currently at, how you’re feeling, what you’re really needing AND what is currently available and accessible to you right now based on your circumstances, access and resources. Do what you can right now, whatever you can, to take care of yourself.

Question for you: What do you need to do to fill yourself up (even a little)?

I hope you’ve found something to lean on or something of interest in this note today. And I hope that you’re having a good day or there is something good in your day.

With Gratitude,

One Infinite Life

PS. I also shared these tips in a video interview with Shay from MP Kickass Collective, you can watch it on Instagram right here or you can watch on Youtube here 💜



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