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December 12, 2017
 Wondering how to stay motivated all of the time? This is for you...

One of the most common questions I get asked as a life coach is about motivation.

Recently, I’ve been asked, “How do you stay motivated all the time?” “What are some good steps to take towards motivating yourself?” “How do I motivate myself to do what I want to do?” “What is the best way to get motivated?” And so on…

Based on these questions here are some of my thoughts on motivation…


1. Accept that you’re not going to feel motivated all of the time.

It’s so awesome when you’re feeling motivated to take action! But sometimes we are going to feel super motivated and other times we are not — it’s inevitable! And I believe it’s not possible to be motivated all of the time, well it definitely isn’t for me! 😉

This is why it’s important to accept that you’re not always going to be motivated — and that’s totally okay.


2. Remember that you don’t need to be motivated to take action.

I believe motivation is overrated, it’s something we constantly want to feel but it actually isn’t required for us to do what we want to do.

I think waiting until we are motivated is form of resistance or procrastinating and it’s something that keeps us stuck.

So I don’t believe in waiting around until we feel motivated to take action and instead I focus on doing something (anything!) that I can do to feel a bit more motivated or even move forward because…


3. Action leads to motivation.

I think action and momentum = motivation.

So if you’re not feeling motivated, sometimes you just need to do something… Take a small step or do something that makes you feel good or just do anything you can!

I think motivation can often come after action, which is why my best advice for you is to DO something that will make you feel more motivated.


4. Work out what makes you motivated.

A question for you: What do you need to do in order to feel motivated to do what you need to do?

Another question: Are you actually doing those things regularly?

Everyone is motivated differently, which is why it’s so hard to answer the questions that I mentioned in the beginning.

As Alexandra Franzen said, “One thing I know for sure is that what motivates your best friend or partner is NOT necessarily going to motivate you.”

So my best advice is to work out what makes you feel motivated to take action and support yourself to do those things.


Now over to you… Do you convince yourself you need to be motivated BEFORE you do what you want to do?

One Infinite Life

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