One Infinite Life
March 25, 2022

A couple of years ago I created something new for the first time in a long time… It was a self-coaching and reflection guide that shared the process of how I coach myself.

At the time when I created this I had so much more I wanted to include in it, but I knew that it was best to keep it simple and not overload or overwhelm people. Plus it also was a free offering with a new approach I hadn’t shared publicly before.

When I put it out into the world I knew that there would be future evolutions of this creation and that this was just the starting point.

I had experienced this happening previously with this project which evolved over several years to what it is today and I trusted that this would happen with this creation too.

Last year I felt called to recreate the guide in the way that I originally envisioned the creation being. I wanted to make an even more supportive and comprehensive self-coaching toolkit to support you to coach yourself.

Something that could act like having a life coach in your back pocket.

Something that you could use to support yourself when you needed to and use to grow and cultivate your own self-coaching skills.

Something that could empower you to do this for yourself instead of relying on outsourcing it.

Something that would be fun to use, but also deeply supportive. That you could return to again and again.

When I retired the first version of this self-coaching guide last year I thought I would go on to create this new version and then release it out into the world right away.

However, that didn’t happen.

Truthfully last year I had trouble writing and creating (and this is due to so many things going in my own world and also the world itself) and I found working on this creation to be very challenging.

When I did get to a place where I began working on it again I was surprised about the doubt that came creeping in every time I went to work on it.

I should be creating something new, not re-creating something.
Why would people want a new version of this when the original one was fine?
Will this even be valuable for people?

And it got to the point where I thought that maybe there was no point even attempting to evolve this creation. It was fine before as it was, the feedback I had received about it had been great and maybe I would just un-retire it and leave it as is.

This is where I found myself until November last year when something happened and unexpectedly reignited me to bringing this creation to life…

Taylor Swift re-released her album Red (Taylor’s Version) and in doing so released a new version of the song “All Too Well” that was 10 minutes long.

This “From The Vault” version was the original version of the song. It was the full story, what it was always meant to be and was cut down when it was originally released.

Not only is the 10 minute version of All Too Well most likely going to be my most played song on Spotify this year, it also dramatically shifted my perspective on re-creating this creation.

It has inspired me to continue to work on giving you the full version of this creation and honor what it was always originally intended it to be.

It has given permission to allow this creation to evolve, to give you ALL of what I originally wanted to in the first version and to be okay with creating new versions of things.

And it has also reminded me that re-creating something can (and likely will) lead it to be even more incredible than the original version.

So I’ve gotten out of the way of creating this new thing for you.

I’m letting it unfold as it was always meant to be.

I’m letting it become the most supportive version that is possible for you (right now at this time).

And I’m also knowing that it will likely continue to evolve and change and that’s completely okay.

The original free guide I shared with you was good, but this creation is going to be even better and even more supportive for you.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next evolution of this creation will be like. And I can’t wait to share with you this new version when the time comes.

So get ready, Chloe’s Version of the self-coaching guide is coming!

I am loving going back and including all I originally wanted to include in it for you.

I am loving all the new ideas and inclusions that I would of never thought of back then that are coming through for this creation.

If you are at all interested in this new creation and leaning into some self-coaching yourself I highly recommend jumping on the interest list here as not only will you have the very first access to the creation when it is ready, but you will also get a special thank you from me when it is released.

I can’t wait to share more with you as this creation unfolds.

With Gratitude,

One Infinite Life