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December 1, 2014

A round-up of awesome content from around the web including: creating technology boundaries, making decisions that feel right, ways to meditate without actually meditating, a new twist on gratitude, and much more!
One of my favourite things to do is make a pot of herbal tea and read link round-up posts, so it was only time before I start putting my own together.

This link fest contains some of my favourite articles I read in November, plus some things I’ve been loving this month too.


∞   Sarah Wilson’s suggestions for creating your own technology boundaries, including why we all need a family investment bucket.

∞  I totally digged this: write how (and what) you want to write.

∞  Here’s how to make decisions that feel right.

∞  I have started getting Notes from the Universe in my inbox. So simple and powerful.

∞  A good reminder that you are not (just) what you eat.

∞  Danielle Laporte on what to do when things suck = pure brilliance (as always).


“Don’t resist the moment – merge into it so that you can fully experience the truth of what’s happening” bg-twitter.png


∞  Why fruit is not the enemy.

∞  I can’t wait to try this coconut water kefir recipe!

∞  Here are 11 awesome ways to meditate without meditating.

∞  As I life coach in training I totally appreciated Julie busting these myths about coaching.

∞  A totally awesome eat, sleep, explore guide to Bali.

∞  Marie Forleo on a giving your gratitude practice a new twist. I can totally vouch for this technique – it’s powerful!

∞  I’m obsessed with sweet potato, so needless to say I’m definitely making this sweet potato skillet hash by My New Roots.

∞  Gala Darling’s reflections on writing daily for nearly 10 years. Incredible.

∞  I’m looking forward to making this za’atar chicken, watermelon and haloumi salad from Jo at The Luminous Kitchen – perfect for summer!

∞  A divine kundalini meditation technique for self-authority.

∞  Want to get your blog noticed and attract more clients? In a completely sincere and not annoying way? check out these tips. The idea of giving out what you want to receive = brilliant.

∞  Here’s how to start a yoga practice at home.

∞  I love sending mail, so I’m pretty excited for my Scatter Love postcards to arrive!

∞  It’s so not too early to start baking this Christmas gingerbread!


This month I’ve been loving…

Eating :: cherries

Drinking :: lemon and ginger kombucha

Watching :: Mockingjay Part 1

Listening to :: Blank Space Radio’s Further on + Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat

Reading :: Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed + High: A Party Girls Guide to Peace by Tara Bliss

Working on :: my ebook – which is about to get design by the lovely MB Captured this week!


I’ve also been totally obsessed with Instagram!

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Over to you awesome human! Let me know in the comments below what you have been loving this month.

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