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December 16, 2015

At the beginning of this year I declared that DEVOTION was going to be my guiding word for this year. Since then I've learnt so much more about devotion, what it really means to me and what it really involves. So here are some of my thoughts and musings on devotion...


At the beginning of this year I declared that DEVOTION was going to be my guiding word for 2015.

And over the past year I feel like I’ve learnt so much more about devotion truly means.

According to devotion is…


  • noun
  • 1. profound dedication; consecration.
  • 2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.
  • 3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause, etc.
  • 4. Often, devotions. Ecclesiastical. religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.

For me, profound dedication simply sums up why I wanted this to be my guiding word for the year.

But over the past year I’ve learnt so much about devotion, found out what it really means to me and what it really involves. And on that note, here are some of my thoughts and musings on devotion.



Devotion is about being dedicated to what’s important to you.

It’s about fully and deeply committing to these things.

It’s about showing up fully. As best you can, in any given moment.

It involves being unwaveringly committed to your goals.

It’s about being loyal to your hopes and dreams. And doing what needs to be done to make them happen.

It’s about being disciplined.

Devotion is showing up. Consistently. Over and over again. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when it’s hard — especially when it’s hard.

Devotion is doing the work.

It’s looking resistance in the eye and and saying I see you, but I’m not going to let you stop me.

It’s about finding a way to move through any obstacles you encounter, so you can get it done.

It means not letting anything hold you back from showing up.

It’s about feeling the fear — but showing up anyway.

It requires sacrifices.

It requires you to detach from the outcome.

Devotion is giving yourself permission to take care of yourself first. So you can be committed to yourself, to what’s important to you. And so you can do this both consistently and sustainably.

It requires a full tank, giving yourself permission to rest, and anything else that helps you show up as your best self.

Because devotion means, giving it your absolute all.

Devotion is being committed to your vision. As well as actually taking action to make it happen.

It’s about dreaming and doing.

To be devoted, you need to be willing to make mistakes.

You need to take imperfection action.

And embrace imperfection.

Because devotion is about getting it done — because finished is much more important than perfection.

Devotion is sowing the seeds. And not worrying about reaping the rewards.

And ultimately, for me it comes down to these 8 words…

Devotion is about finding the joy in commitment.


This guiding word has served me so well this year. And I’m looking forward to finding my word for 2016 using this as a guide.

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you: What was your guiding word for this year? 

With love and devotion,

One Infinite Life


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