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February 18, 2015

How to fit more reading into your every day life

Confession time: I am a huge book worm.

I have loved reading pretty much ever since I can remember.

Growing up I would borrow more books from my local library than I could carry. Only to return a week later to borrow more.

As I child I pretty much lived inside books and I would read anywhere and everywhere that I could. Seriously.

This one time I continued to read during a live Collingwood vs. Sydney AFL match. No disrespect to football, but I find read more thrilling. Especially when it is one of those amazing must-find-out-what-happens kinda books.

So now that I’ve revealed that I am a super book nerd, we can move on…


As I got older I found it much harder to find the time to read. I also often here people say that they wish they had more time to read.

Unfortunately we can’t get more time, but something we can do is make better use of the time that we do have, so we can spend more time doing the things that we love (in my case that is reading).

I have been working on how to read more by trying many different things and here is what has worked for me…



1. Watch less TV

TV has to be one of the biggest time wasters ever.

And let’s be honest how many times have you been watching TV and realised that you’ve already seen that episode of Big Bang Theory about 10 times before.

I decided to make a conscious decision to only intentionally watch TV.

This means that I only watch TV when I truly wish to watch a particular show. This has helped me reduce habit-watching TV and freed way more time for reading and other enjoyable things.


2. Always have books available to read

Simply: if you don’t have stuff to read, you won’t read.

I always keep my Kindle fully charged and it pretty much comes everywhere with me.

I also have one specific iCloud note dedicated to books I want to read on iCloud and I am constantly adding to it. Doing this means that I never run out of ideas for things I can read.


3. Read things that you enjoy

You will be more inclined to read if you choose to read books that you actually enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else enjoys reading… Read what you love!

If you read books you enjoy, you will be more likely to actually read.


4. Mix up what you’re reading

When I fall in the trap of reading the same types of books I get a little bored and disheartened by reading.

To avoid that stagnant feeling I like to mix up the genre of books I read. This keeps reading fresh and makes me inclined to read more often.


5. Fit reading in whenever and wherever you can

You can watch less TV, always have books available to read, choose books that you enjoy, and mix up what you’re reading but at the end of the day if you want to read more you just need to find a way to fit reading into your life.

This is how I fit reading into my day:

∞  I take my Kindle with me whenever I leave the house so if I find myself waiting (at the doctors office, in a huge line at the post office or when I’m early to class) I can read. One of the reasons I love my Kindle is that it’s small and light so its easy to carry around.

∞  I read while travelling on public transport and while I’m in the car (I don’t drive so I have the opportunity to read every time I’m in a car).

∞  I spend most of my time working from home so when I take breaks during the day or break for lunch I will often read (outside if the weather permits).

∞  When I do watch TV I mute the ads and read during them.

∞  If I have extra time in the morning before I start my working day I will read then.

∞  When I’m cooking anything and have to wait for something to be ready I will read.

∞  I turn my phone onto airplane mode at night so I am less distracted and tempted by social media and then can spend more time doing things that I enjoy, like reading.

∞  I pretty much read every single night before going to sleep.


Also if you want to read more I recommend…

∞  Checking out and actually making use of your local library. My library is actually a really awesome space and also has a cafe in it. Reading while drinking herbal tea = perfection.

∞  Consider joining a book club. This is something I haven’t done yet, but I’ve always wanted to do.

∞  I know some people prefer to read one book at a time and that’s totally cool, but for me I find that I much prefer reading more than one book at once. For me it makes me more likely to read, so if I’m not feeling a particular book at that very time I can read something else. I also find when I am reading something more heavy it’s nice to have something easy to read and fun to switch it up with.

  Something I also love to do is read something from a genre that I would never usually read. For example, I had never delved into the Fantasy genre before and I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I started reading the Game of Thrones series on a whim last year, and I was surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed it.


Want book recommendations?

Here are my recommendations for books for your evolution:

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And here are some of my favourite fiction books:

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If you are interested in spending more time reading I hope these tips will be useful for you. Like I mentioned above we can always try to make better use of the time we do have, so we can spend more time doing things we love (for me that is reading!)

At the moment I’m currently reading A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin, Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay and rereading Paper Towns by John Green.

I would love to hear what you’re currently reading, so let me know in the comments below!

Do you do anything in particular to help you read more? I would love to here your tips in the comments below.


Happy Reading!

One Infinite Life

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