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January 12, 2015

Blogs I Dig: First Edition

I love discovering awesome blogs.

Ever since I started a blog of my own I have been discovering heaps of awesome sites.

So today I’m starting what I hope to be a regular feature here on One Infinite Life.

Blogs I’m Digging will be a segment where I share with you some of my favourite blogs. The ones that I return to again and again. As well as new blogs that I discover along the way. Essentially I’m going to be sharing awesome blogs that I think you will love too!

For the first segment I’m sharing 3 blogs that have been favourites of mine for awhile now.

I highly recommend clicking the purple title or the image to check these awesome sites out. Oh and I’ve also included some specific articles that I love to help kickstart your discovery of these awesome blogs (and the humans behind the blog!)



My Goodness Me

Blogs I Dig: My Goodness Me | One Infinite Life

I discovered Fran’s blog through the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted community, and honestly I’ve been obsessed ever since.

My Goodness Me is a ‘wellness, lifestyle and vital nonsense‘ blog. It’s fun, informative and inspirational.

I really love Fran’s holistic, real and simplistic approach to health and wellness and conscious living.

It’s not preachy or about being perfect and instead focuses on using your intuition, which I think is super empowering.


Where to start?

I love the Bold-Hearted Interview series where Fran asks some brilliant questions to some super inspiring humans. Two of my favourite interviews have been with Meg and Claire.

 I loved hearing Fran’s thoughts on semi-sobriety.

Great advice on how to stay sane on social media.


Zen Habits

Blogs I Dig: Zen Habits | One Infinite Life

Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits is about ‘finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives’ and focusing on what is truly important so we can do amazing things and find true happiness.

Want to live more simply? Be more mindful? Find happiness? Then you will love Zen Habits.

Oh and also I think it’s so cool that his entire blog and all his writing is completely uncopyrighted. Leo thinks it’s great if people can improve upon what he has already said.



Where to start?

Want to be an early riser? Read this.

Why the best goal is no goal.

In a slump? Here’s how to get more motivated.


Green Kitchen Stories

Blogs I Dig: Green Kitchen Stories | One Infinite Life

David, Luise (and Elsa!) from Green Kitchen Stories share beautiful vegetarian recipes that are simple and healthy.

I cook recipes from GKS all the time, and I can honestly say you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy this food. Oh and they’re total crowd pleasers too… their recipes always impress people that aren’t into healthy eating as well!

My boyfriend always gives his tick of approval to their recipes as well (and he’s a chef!)

Where to start?

The Perfect Picnic Pie is great for a picnic at the park… or on your lounge room floor. Either way – it’s delicious.

The Frozen Pink Cheesecake is my go-to favourite cake (ever). Even though it’s different than a regular cheesecake, I love it and everyone I have ever made it for loves it too.

The thin oat and ginger crisps and Blackberry and Blueberry Muffins are a regular favourites at my house.


Is there a blog you are digging at the moment? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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