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February 11, 2015

The process of writing, creating and launching my free eBook 'Infinite' was an extraordinary learning experience, here are some of the lessons I took away from it...

Earlier this week I shared a behind the scenes lowdown on how I created and launched my free ebook Infinite: Take your life to the next level and beyond!

The process of writing, creating and launching my eBook was an extraordinary learning experience and so today I’m going to share some the lessons I took away from this experience, plus extend some gratitude to some incredible humans that helped make my eBook happen.


12 things I learnt from launching my free ebook


1. Be generous.

One of my Core Desire Feelings is generosity, and this was one of my main drivers for launching a free eBook. I wanted to feel generous and give something for nothing. When I was creating Infinite I put as much thought, effort and consideration into it as if it was a paid product, then gave it away for free. The feedback I’ve received really reflects that the generosity was much appreciated, and it felt good for me too.


2.  Plan the best you can, then surrender.

I know that planning and surrender are totally opposite things. But for me having a plan was essential as it helps me feel less overwhelmed by the project. However I had to surrender to taking detours, things taking longer than I initially thought. I found it to be essential to find a balance between preparing and planning and just going with the flow.


3. Focus on serving rather than selling.

Launching this eBook has helped me get over how challenging I find promoting anything. By focusing on serving, giving and being generous over increasing my mailing list, I found that promoting didn’t feel gross at all. In fact, I realised that there are people who are going to benefit from my eBook so I needed to promote it in order for them to do so.


4. Looking after yourself is essential.

I honestly do not think I had prepared myself well enough for the huge build up of nervous energy, fear and stress in the lead up to the launch go my eBook. I also was working on several uni assignments during the eBook launch, so it was an incredibly stressful time. Afterwards I was super exhausted and ended up getting sick as well. When launching a product I highly recommend supporting yourself in whatever way you need. For me, in the lead up to launching anything in the future I will definitely be making sure I up my self-care.


5. Write in a way that best works for you.

I find it way more effective to write without critiquing, judging or editing my work, then go back and polish it. By doing this it means that I get a first draft done way quicker. When I edit as I go I find that I end up getting stuck often and the process doesn’t flow as easy. I also know that I write better in the mornings, so made sure I could work on this project then. I highly recommend writing your eBook in a way that works best for you.


6. Set aside a specific time to write.

I had been putting off writing my eBook for ages, then one day I decided enough was enough and that if I didn’t just do it it was never going to get done. I picked out two suitable days in my calendar and completely blocked them out to devote to putting my eBook together, and this worked really well for me. In the future I will definitely be setting specific time aside for working on particular projects.


7. Remove the pedestal from those you admire.

I knew that I wanted to include some testimonials from people who I was inspired by to launch my eBook, but I found the idea of approaching these people super challenging. I have the tendency (much like many people) to put the people who inspire me on a pedestal. It’s one of those times that you just have to feel the fear and email them anyway! Be genuine, they are human just like you. It’s all in the power of asking… If you don’t ask the answer is always going to be no.


8. Over-deliver.

When I initially outlined my eBook I came up with 12 ways to take your life to the next level that I truly and deeply believed in. However I wanted to make the eBook more valuable and even more inspiring. So before I even wrote the eBook I came up with ways I could do this, for example:




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All these things added up to come together to create something that I was super proud of and made the eBook even more useful, inspiring and unique.


9. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

This seems to be a common theme for me, as putting myself out there (especially online) is really challenging and uncomfortable for me to do. Launching my eBook really did take this discomfort to the next level. However in the past I have found that I grow the most when I challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone, despite how uncomfortable it may be! And I kept coming back to the idea that in order to be of service I needed to put this eBook out there, so I needed to just sit with this discomfort.


10. Get off the computer as much as you can.

As I mentioned above I was swamped with uni assignments in the lead up to the eBook launch, which resulted in way to much screen time for my liking, and honestly made me a tad crazy! I did find it beneficial to pre-schedule as much as my social media as I could using the Facebook scheduling option, Hootsuite and Latergramme, as this made everything a little more streamlined. However next time I launch anything I will be consciously getting away from the computer, and spending more time outside.


11. Intentions are powerful.

Before I wrote Infinite. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted the reader to feel. I knew I wanted to generously give something that was super inspiring and actionable. Then I set the intention that I wanted the reader to feel inspired, empowered and uplifted after reading my eBook. I used these intentions as a guide throughout the whole process. Intentions are incredibly powerful, and I shouldn’t have been surprised that many people have included those exact feelings in their feedback about the eBook.


12. Celebrate your achievements!

I spoke about this in my behind the scenes post, however it’s so important and therefore worth repeating. I truly believe that we (myself included) don’t spend enough time celebrating or acknowledging our hard work and achievements. This was the first time I had ever achieved something and consciously made the decision to celebrate it – and you know what? It felt awesome! I highly recommend next time you achieve anything (big or small – it doesn’t matter) intentionally choose to celebrate it – you deserve it! And remember that you are worthy of celebrating your achievements!

Finally, Infinite would simply not exist if it weren’t for many incredible humans, and therefore I feel the need to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to those who helped make it happen.


Huge love and gratitude…








And finally, to everyone who got a copy of Infinite. Thank you. I hope it serves and inspires you.


I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you created an eBook? If so, what was the biggest lesson you learnt from it?
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