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If you’re wanting some support and guidance in reflecting on the year gone by and getting clear on what you want next year, I’m excited to be offering a limited number of special end-of-year sessions to support you do this.

IGNITE 2018 SESSIONS are an epic combination of reflection, celebration, as well as goal and intention setting, created to help you end the year with gratitude and start the year with clarity.

In these sessions I will support you in reflecting on the year gone by, unravelling the lessons and the things you want to take away from the year and helping you to be okay with what has (or hasn’t) unfolded for you this year. Plus I will also support you in getting clear on what you want 2018 to be like for you and guide you in setting empowered goals (or intentions) for the year ahead.


When you sign up for an IGNITE 2018 SESSION you get:

An epic set of reflection and clarity questions to kickstart the process. These questions are for you to dive into and explore before we connect for our session. They will guide you in reflecting on 2017 and getting clear on what you want moving forward. The collection questions I’ve put together this year are super powerful!


A 90 minute session with me via Zoom (it’s like Skype — but better!). You + me + an hour and a half for us to dive deeper into reflecting on your year, unravelling the lessons and closing off the year that was 2017. I will also support you in uncovering what you want to make happen in 2018 and together we will set some goals (or intentions) that feel empowering for you to enter the new year with.



These sessions are for you if…You’re wanting some guidance in reflecting on the year — so you can move forward feeling complete and with newfound clarity on what you’re wanting to work towards / make happen / bring into your life in the new year.

Your investment for the IGNITE 2018 SESSIONS are $149 AUD and you can book your session by clicking here OR by emailing me at

I’ll be only be facilitating these sessions in December 2017 and January 2018 and there are limited spots available. As I’m not currently offering single sessions at the moment, this is an awesome opportunity for us to work together in a special on-off kind of way.

I would LOVE to support you in ending the year with feeling content about where you are now and be able to enter 2018 with clarity and purpose.