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It’s your dream to help others achieve their dreams.


You want to make a difference.


You have a burning desire to help people.


And you’re wondering HOW you can actually do this.


Beautiful You Coaching Academy


For me, enrolling in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy — and becoming Julie Parker's Beautiful You Coaching Academy is THE life coaching course for those who want to serve the world by being the best heart-centered life coach they can possibly be. In this post I'm sharing my experience training with Beautiful You including why I chose this course, the honest truth about what I got out of it, what I absolutely loved about it and so much more. Plus there's an incredible special offer for future life coaches. Read it here: certified life coach — was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (yep, in my entire life!)

I’m so incredibly passionate about this course and I’m so grateful for what it’s allowed me to do.  And because of that, if you’re wanting to become a Beautiful You coach I would absolutely love to support you in your coaching journey.

You can read more about my training experience (including what I got out of the course and my epic bonus offer) in this epic post over here. And if you’re wanting even more insights into my experience I’ve created a FREE mini 5 day email series especially for you, where I’ll be revealing even more insights about my journey in becoming a coach.


In this mini series, I’ll be sharing things like…

∞  How I ended up becoming a life coach.

∞  What I wish I had known before doing the course.Certification-Badge_Mint-2

∞  What I would do differently if I had my time again.

∞  The honest truth about what I got out of the course.

∞  Answers to questions I’m frequently asked about the course and my experience.


Plus you’ll also get…

∞  Support and guidance to help you work out if this is the course for you.

∞  To ask me any questions you have about the Beautiful You course and my experience.

∞  The opportunity to sit down with me for a FREE 30 minute chat about the course if you’d like to.

∞  Access to my unique link — so if you choose to sign up to the course through me you can receive my epic bonus offer (which is unlike anything else out there!).


If you’re interested in becoming a Beautiful You coach, simply enter your details below to find out more awesome future life coach…