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June 30, 2015


This Link Fest is a round-up of some of the best things I’ve read on the internet in the past couple of months, that I think you will enjoy too.

This edition contains awesome articles including what Taylor Swift can teach you about life, an empowering account of nude yoga, confessions of a quiet achiever, the power of words and owning it, how to write when you feel like you’ve got no time to, musings on creativity, how procrastination can actually be productive and much more.

Happy Reading!


∞  Feel like you’ve got no time to write? Here’s 5 ideas that will help.


∞  A truly empowering account of nude yoga and the lessons that came from the experience.



∞  Are you a Taylor Swift fan? I am! And here’s some inspiring things you can learn from her.

∞  Can cake be apart of a balanced diet? You bet. Here’s why and while you’re there here’s a delicious recipe for healthy orange and poppy seed cake.


∞  Loved (and could totally relate) to this: Confessions of a quiet achiever.


∞  This post — The Power of “I am” — is about the power of words and owning it.



∞  Some really awesome advice (and timely for me) on how to thrive at life when you move back home. Number 5 is something I’ve been loving doing lately, super fun!



∞  Can procrastination actually be productive?


∞  Instead of asking yourself “what’s the worst that could happen?” ask yourself this question.


∞  21 fun movies to watch when you just need a laugh or feel good. My favourites from the list: Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, 21 Jump Street, and Pitch Perfect. What’s yours?


∞  Beautiful musings on being creative.



∞  For me winter means lots of soup and porridge. Here are some awesome ideas for porridge toppers and soup toppers.


∞  Do you think that you have to be extroverted to be confident? Well think again, here’s how to be a confident introvert.


∞  Do you feel like a slave to your morning routine? Watch this.


∞  Why you should stop moving the goal posts.

green-line.pngFearlessly Authentic Beings: Chloe Wigan

I am so thrilled to have been interviewed by my friend Janelle Crawford for her Fearlessly Authentic Beings interview series.

In this interview we talk about what gets me out of bed in the morning, the advice I’d give my younger self, how I deal with fear, self-doubt and bad days, living an authentic life and much more!

Here’s a little sneak peek for you…

“For me being authentic doesn’t mean baring it all to the world, it just means being my true self and doing what feels good for me. I believe authenticity is letting go of things that aren’t serving me and are not aligned with my true self. It’s about shedding what’s not genuine and wholeheartedly embracing my truth. It’s also about expressing my truth – whatever that may be – in a way that feels completely aligned and true for me.”

Click here to read the full interview


Rapid-fire favourites of the month


Food :: Paleo carrot cake (my favourite recipe here)

Drink :: Almond milk chai

Tv show :: Game of Thrones and How To Get Away With Murder (O.M.G to both!)

Movie :: One of my all-time favourites The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Song :: Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

Podcast :: Interview with Alex Olsen on She Makes Magic

Book :: Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger and Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng


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