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August 1, 2016

July Link Fest: The best things I read on the Internet during the past month

I’m always amazed at how quickly these Link Fests come around — and how quickly the year is flying by.

But to the point, it’s time for the July Link Fest, where I round up my favourite things I’ve read on the Internet in the past month and share them with you.

This edition includes the powerful shifts that happen when you commit to meditation, why we love stories, how being happier is the key to getting what you want, how to take action when you’re overwhelmed, how to manage when your life feels crazy and more.




Need some motivation to meditate? Here’s 6 powerful shifts that happened after committing to a daily meditation practice.


THIS is what happens when women het out of their heads and into their hearts. Inspiring stuff.


Why do we love stories?



How being happier is the key to getting what you want.


Want to find your flow in your life? Without being flaky? Read this.


Feeling overwhelmed? Frazzled? Frustrated? Mind-full? Here’s how to take action when you live in your head.



Interesting read: Is it just me, or is the world going crazy?


20 surprising (and unique) was to conquer creative blocks.


Looking for some new reads? Here are 7 books to keep you entertained when travelling (or anytime!).


Why is it so hard to enjoy our happiness?



This one’s for the business gals: How to keep going in your business (when you think you want to quit) and rituals that revived my business.


How to switch off and be present.


Super interesting read: 10 things Gretchen’s learnt in 10 years of blogging.



Is your life feeling crazy? Here’s how to manage.


Loved this: Why Wilson’s Prom must be made of magic (it’s one of my favourite places in the world!)


A beautiful and honest read on floundering around, enjoying the ride and celebrating your Bozo-ness.



5 epic takeaways from Rob Bell’s Wake Up Project event.


Got a question about meditation? Read these Q&As.


From me this month:

This article may be the most important thing I’ve ever written. It’s message — which I try to live my life by — is really meaningful to me: What’s really important?

Following on from this post, I shared 10 books that have changed my life, that I think you’ll love too.

A short and sweet article: It’s never too late.

I shared my reflections and takeaways from the Beautiful You Inspiration Day. And I also loved reading Naomi’s notes and Kate’s recap on this inspiring day as well.


Happy Reading!

One Infinite Life

PS. You might also enjoy: It’s work the risk, embracing winter & life balance.



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