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June 22, 2016

Winter can be a challenging time to stay motivated and get things done. If you're struggling to stay motivated this winter, click through for 6 tips to help you with your motivation this time of year //

It’s officially winter here in Australia (and for my Southern Hemisphere pals), which means that the days a getting shorter, it’s getting colder and I’m feeling called to hibernate — and by that I mean crawl into bed and watch Netflix and not emerge until Spring! 😉 I’m kidding! Well kind of…

I truly do love winter. However, it can be a challenging few months as well. I’ve been asked:

“How do I stay motivated in winter?”

And I get it, winter can be really challenging.

Even though in Australia winter isn’t that long or harsh, I know for me it’s the time of year where I struggle with motivation the most. I’m usually quite a determined person, but in winter I find it harder to get what I want done and I also struggle more with making progress with my goals.

Here’s 6 ways that help me stay motivated during winter — but really most of these can be applied to any season — or anytime you’re feeling unmotivated.




1. Know that it’s okay to not be motivated all the time.

Yep, that’s right. You don’t have to be motivated all the time.

As a coach, I’m often asked, “how do you stay motivated all the time?” and the truth is: I don’t.

I’m not always motivated all of the time and like everyone my motivation constantly ebbs and flows, and in winter I find I’m less motivated than at other times of the year.

So I think it’s important to know that it’s okay to not be motivated in winter (or anytime!). And it’s also okay to slow down when you feel called to. Winter can actually be a really great time to slow down more, to rest and recuperate.


2. Get clear on what’s most important right now.

Even though I like to slow down a little more in winter — I still like to get stuff done 😉

So I approach this by doing less but focusing on what’s really important. I work in a more intentional and focused way on the stuff that matters most to me.

I also make sure that I don’t have too many goals I’m working on this time of year, and instead I like to choose 1-3 main things that I’d like to work on.

So if you’re feeling unmotivated, get clear on what is most important to you right now and why. Use this to guide you when setting your goals and intentions at this time of year, as well as your to-do lists each week.

If you want some guidance in setting goals that will empower you into action you might also like: How to set goals that will empower you into action.


3. Switch up what you’re currently doing.

I think that sometimes we struggle to feel motivated because we’re feeling stuck and stagnant from doing the same thing over and over again.

So when this happens I like to try a different approach and switch up what I’m currently doing, by considering how I can make it work for me.

For example: Let’s stay that my aim is to exercise everyday and to do this I usually get up in the morning and head outside for a walk.

But at the moment it’s winter and I’m feeling unmotivated to do this you could consider switching it up by walking on the treadmill inside instead, or heading to the gym in the morning, or going to a kickboxing class, or walking in the afternoon, or doing yoga at home instead.

The point is that you feel more motivated to do something when you switch up your routine and consider how you can make your aim (in this example — exercising everyday) work for you.


4. Set yourself up for success.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” And I truly believe that being prepared and organised is essential to help you follow through with your intentions.

I find that especially in winter I need to help myself even more by being more prepared and really setting myself up for success in doing what I want to do.

For example: Using the same example from before, if your goal is to exercise everyday and to do this you want to get up and walk first thing each morning you might make this as easy as possible for you by putting your walking clothes out the night before, or making sure you wind down and head to bed early so you can get a good sleep, or putting your alarm across the room so you have to physically get up to turn it off.

It may take some trail-and-error for you to work out how you can best set yourself up for success.


5. Get some extra accountability

One of the most powerful things you can do to help you follow through with your intentions is to hold yourself accountable to taking action, however this can be hard to do for ourselves, which is why I think external accountability is extra important when we’re feeling unmotivated.

For example: if your goal is to exercise everyday you might make yourself accountable by teaming up with a neighbour to walk each morning, or you might book some sessions with a personal trainer or bootcamp, or you might sign up for some classes at the gym (and book them in), or you might even get an accountability buddy and send each others Snapchats of your daily exercise each day.

Whether you have a daily or weekly task you want to commit to, or taking steps towards your goals — it’s important to consider how you can hold yourself accountable to doing whatever it is that you want to do.


You might do this by:

∞  Scheduling in what you want to do into your calendar — and committing to it once it’s in there, like Alexandra does with her workouts.

∞  Getting an accountability buddy and holding each other accountable to what you want to do. Naomi’s got an awesome post on this method here.

∞  Hiring a coach to help support you (and hold you accountable) in working towards what you want. You can check out my coaching offerings here 🙂


6. Work out how you can embrace winter.

We can’t control or change the weather, or the seasons, but we can control how we choose to respond and react to them.

I once decided that I didn’t want to be one of those people that constantly complains about the weather, or the season, because it isn’t going to change it or make it any easier.

So instead I like to focus on how I can embrace and enjoy winter.


You might do this by:

∞  Trying some new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Or even having a dinner party and catching up with people you haven’t seen in ages. Here are 15 slow-cooker recipes that are perfect for winter.

∞  Spending time doing an activity you enjoy but don’t get to do enough.

∞  Choosing a new book series, tv series or movie series to watch. If you’re looking for some book recommendations you can find some of mine here, here and here.

∞  Setting yourself a challenge to complete during the winter months, like this book-a-week one I’m currently doing inspired by Claire.

∞  Devote yourself to working on a project. I’ll be working on a specific project this winter and I’ll be sharing the creative process and behind-the-scenes on Snapchat if you want to follow along you can find me here or at: chloe_wigan.

∞  And Sarah has shared 29 awesome ways to actually enjoy winter which I’ve found to be really helpful (and I particularly love #8 and #28 😉 ).


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below: How do you embrace winter? ❄️


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Winter can be a challenging time to stay motivated and get things done. If you're struggling to stay motivated this winter, click through for 6 tips to help you with your motivation this time of year //