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January 28, 2016

A review of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Here's how I became a life coach...

Training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy actually changed my life.

I know that is a big call to make, but it’s completely true. Doing this course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course — created by Julie Parker — is THE life coaching course for those who want to serve the world by being the best heart-centered life coach they can possibly be.

Training to become a Beautiful You coach was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. One that I know I’ll continue to look back on this as such an incredible experience in my life. The course has directly plated a huge role in where I am right now and the work I do today.

There’s truly a reason why you’ll find so many people online raving about this course. There isn’t life coaching courses in existence quite like what the Beautiful You Coaching Academy offers.

This review of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy includes what led me to this course, what I got out of the course (including the stuff I wasn’t expecting), what I absolutely loved about the training, why it’s so much more than just a life coaching course, PLUS an incredible special offer for future Beautiful You life coaches (at no extra cost to you!).

If you have a dream to become a life coach I truly (hand on my heart) would recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Here’s why…



When I was studying psychology at university I became interested in life coaching. I had done some research and found several different courses but none of them felt right to me (at all).

However, the moment I landed on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy site I knew that I was going to do this course. I had this feeling that doing this course was going to change my life (spoiler: it did!).

I wanted to learn the skills I needed to become a life coach and help others achieve their goals and create positive change in their lives, but the truth is I got this and so (s0) much more out of doing this course.

I’m so glad that I followed this feeling because this course truly was exactly what I needed to help me do what I wanted to do in the world.


Beautiful You Coaching Academy


∞  How to be an incredible life coach and coaching skills that I use as a practicing life coach and in so many other ways in my life.

∞  A coaching framework that is super effective at creating positive change and powerful experiences for my clients.

∞  How to support people in achieving their dreams and create positive change in their lives — and at the same time support their growth as a person.

∞  How to create a heart-centered and soulful life-coaching business that feels aligned to me, my values and my life.

∞  I learnt more about myself in the 6 months of this course than I had in my entire life — and considering I was someone who had already been dabbling in self-development for over a decade this really surprised me!

∞  I felt ready (like I had the skills I needed) to coach some incredible humans, which I started doing during my training.

∞  I started to let go of the limiting beliefs that I was ‘too young’ or ‘not good enough’ or ‘not perfect enough’ to be a life coach, which had previously really held me back — a lot!

∞  I also became a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend — human — through doing this course. Beautiful You has definitely helped me to show up in the world as the best version of myself. And for that I’m beyond grateful!


How I became a life coach


∞  That this is so (so) much more than just a life coaching course. Yes, I learnt how to be an incredible life coach and support someone in achieving their goals. Plus I also learnt how to create an awesome coaching business and grown so much as a person. And I’ve also met the most inspiring people and I’ve also discovered more about myself than ever before. This course over-delivers — big time!

∞  Being teamed up with a coaching buddy who I got to practice coaching with. It was great to have someone else support me through the course, plus learning to coach by practicing coaching in this safe and supported way was a great learning experience. Plus I’m incredibly grateful for my friendship that formed with my coaching buddy and the support we gave and received to each other while training.

∞  The live calls were super insightful, useful and fun as well. I would always come away from these with pages and pages of notes and feeling so inspired to put it into action. I still refer back to my notes and the call recordings today!

∞  The amazing assistant trainers who supported us through the course. They had previous gone through the course themselves, and their from-the-trenches support and guidance was incredible. I even ended up working with one of my trainers as my coach later on!

 The course helps you to own your uniqueness and embrace what you have to offer as a coach. There’s no cookie-cutter life coaches in this community. I love this about the course because it helps to create unique coaches who stand fully in their various zones of geniuses.

∞  I gained a whole lot of self-belief by doing this course. Beforehand, I was struggling with the idea that I was ‘too young’ to be a life coach. But this course helped me to realise that I do have something to offer, no matter my age. This course helped me to start believing in myself more than ever, and through it’s guidance I was able to go out into the world as a coach.

∞  That the course content itself is absolutely incredible. I still refer back to the content all the time (even years later!), it’s that good. There are also super useful scripts and templates that have really helped support and guide me as a coach, and these were particularly useful when I first started. The course content is so valuable and I still refer back to my coaching manual all the time.

∞  I also love that you have an option to be internally certified through the academy and becoming a Certified Coach. I’ve loved being an ambassador for the academy in this way, receiving on-going support, connecting with other Certified Coaches and having an awesome profile on their website.


Join the most amazing coaching community in the world


The Beautiful You Coaching Academy community really deserves a whole section to itself. Why? One of my biggest highlights of doing this course was meeting some truly INCREDIBLE humans.

By doing this course I connected with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met, and their support during (and after) the course has been invaluable.

To say that being apart of the Beautiful You community is empowering — is simply an understatement. I’m grateful to be apart of a true community, filled with humans who are genuine, supportive, inspiring and all committed to being the best coaches they can be.

Through this community I have found amazing clients, friends and opportunities that I would of never thought possible.

I can’t even imagine navigating the online world or being a coach without this incredible community.

And this quote sums up how I feel about the Beautiful You community perfectly:

“We rise by lifting others” — Robert Ingersoll




If you want to be an incredible life coach, you’ll need to learn from someone who themselves is an incredible life coach and person.

Enter: Julie — who is one of the most amazing, inspiring, divine humans I’ve ever met.

She is so incredibly generous, loving and supportive and totally beams love, authenticity and her truth.

She is an amazing mentor and teacher and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from someone as incredible as Julie. And she is the reason that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course and community is so incredible.


A review of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy


What it comes down to is this: Becoming a coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy changed my life.

I know it might sound lame or cliché to say that… But I have no other words to describe what this course has done for me. I’m so grateful that I chose to enrol in this course and become a life coach, because it really did changed everything for me.

Doing this course was the beginning of me stepping up and forging my own path and taking empowered action towards what I want. The course accelerated my personal development and took it to a whole new level. And it gave me the skills to the the work I’ve always wanted to do and to be able to support people in the way I’ve always wanted.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now if I hadn’t taken the leap and enrolled in this course.

Since training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, here’s what has happened…

∞  I launched my coaching services and put myself ‘out there’ as a life coach, even though I’m an introvert and being ‘seen’ in this way was (and sometimes still is) terrifying to me. I’ve also become internally certified with the academy and have loved being apart of this group and having a profile on the website.

∞  I started working 1:1 with clients and supporting people in overcoming what’s holding them back, so they can take empowered action towards what they want and get the most out of their one infinite life. Getting to support my incredible clients is one of the best parts of my work — and life. I’m always so honoured by their amazing feedback about our 1:1 time together.

∞  I’ve been able to start and operate a coaching business aligned with my values and the way I want to live my life. I love the freedom and flexibility to having my own business, but more than that I love that I get to operate solely from my own integrity and what feels good for me.

∞  I’ve created a free eBook and an entire collection of free resources. Plus written countless articles for my own site and sending email content to The Infinite Community.

∞  I’ve created The 28 Day Gratitude Project and guided hundreds of people in adding more gratitude into their lives.

∞  I’ve been interviewed on various sites around the web and had articles featured on sites like The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal and more!

∞  I’ve met some of the most incredible people (ever!) and continue to connect and form relationships with them both online and in-person.

∞  I’ve been apart of the Event Head team and the Heart Sparks team as an administrative assistant for Jade and Jo (who are both Beautiful You coaches and trainers!) and I love getting to support all the amazing work they do.

∞  I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a Beautiful You Inspiration Day on a panel about the power of gratitude.

∞  I’m honoured to have won the Shine Award in the 2018/2019 Beautiful You Coaching Awards. I’ve also also been a finalist in the Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the Year and Shine Award in the 2016/2017 awards, Program/Event of the Year in the 2017/2018 awards for The 28 Day Gratitude Project.

∞  I’ve always wanted to give back in meaningful ways and being a coach has enabled me to do this in many different ways. From supporting my community with free resources and content, to using my coaching skills to offer pro-bono coaching, to on-going volunteering at an incredible local youth program.

∞  Ultimately… I have started taking empowered action and ACTUALLY DOING all the things I’ve wanted to do. I’ve (self)coached myself to do things I never thought I could or would. I’m grateful to be able to do the work and support people in the way I’ve always wanted to. And I know that I’ll continue to use what I learnt in this course in whatever I do in the future and for the rest of my life!

∞  I often get asked what’s next for me as a coach and at the moment I am exploring expanding on the work I do in my own business to support young people in my local area. I’m excited to see how this unfolds and how I can use my coaching skills to support young people to create positive change in their lives.

I’d love to share all the experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve learnt over the past couple of years of becoming a coach with you, which brings me to this…



If you are interested in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, here’s where you can find out more about the current course available and all the official details on the course.

As you can probably tell from this post, I truly and wholeheartedly believe in this course. Which is why, if you’re wanting to become a coach yourself and feel called to sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy — I would absolutely love to team up with you and support you during your training.

Become a Beautiful You life coach and receive my special offer


Here’s how we can team up for your coaching journey:

I want you to get the absolute most out of your experience, which is why I offer an epic bonus offer if you’re want to team up for your coaching journey and receive extra support for your training. This includes: free coaching, mentoring and support from me at no extra cost to you!

As an ambassador of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I get a commission for every person who signs up to the course using my unique code. This is awesome for us both because it means I get to offer you an incredible bonus offer (at no cost to you!) and you get extra support you with your training.

I’m currently calling in people who are wanting to undertake their life coach training with Beautiful You in 2020 AND who are wanting some extra support at getting the absolute most out of their own training and as they enter the world as a coach. Is this you?


My epic bonus offer for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course includes:

 3 month INFINITE COACHING SERIES. This includes: a pre-coaching questionnaire, 6 coaching sessions with me over 3 months via Zoom, plus email support as required. Note: As I’m a certified coach myself these sessions can go towards your own certification with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

 3 x mini group Q&A sessions via Zoom. These are extra sessions where we can connect and you can ask me any questions you have about your studies, coaching, building a business, blogging or anything you like. These sessions are for you to pick my brain, learn from my experiences (and mistakes! 😉) and find out anything you want to know about my experience being a coach.

 Monthly email check-ins from me throughout your course to see how you’re going and to support you in getting the most out of your training. In these emails I’ll share my from-the-trenches insights and tips from my personal experience becoming a coach as you undertake your own journey.

 My recommended tools and resources for running your coaching business. A behind-the-scenes look at all the tools and resources I use, love and recommend to run my business, this will be something you can refer back to again and again as you navigate your new coaching business.


I would LOVE to team up with you to help you get the absolute most out of your experience with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy



If you want to get some epic 1:1 support for your studies with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy you will need to sign up to the course using my unique code. If you’d to work together in this way please email me at prior to you enrolling in the course. From there we can organise a time to chat more about your coaching dreams and about us teaming up for your coaching journey 🙂


 Want to know what it’s like to receive my Beautiful You bonus offer?

Here’s what some of my past clients had to say about teaming up for their coaching journey…


“When I first connected with Chloe I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or what the next step for me was and the Beautiful You life coaching course just felt right to me. I decided to team up with Chloe for my coaching journey because when I first spoke to her I had a really good feeling that she actually cared and that she wanted to make sure that she was the right coach for me. 

What I really loved about the bonus offer was the group Q&A calls that we had with the other coaches. I really loved connecting with other coaches who are going through the training and getting an insight into what they were doing and also getting an insight into how Chloe was running her coaching business. I don’t think you can underestimate the value of connection and relationships and how they can be useful in your life. We are also able to ask Chloe about her own self-care practices which I found really beneficial to implement things with my own life.  

I think the coaching series with Chloe has really given me that guiding focus for the rest of my life. I believe that it has set me up for a really good future in terms of what I want to do and what I want to achieve. One of the things I really loved about working with Chloe was her reflective nature and her reflective practices and I know that that’s something that if I implement into my life I will see tremendous value.

During the journey with Beautiful You, I have connected with so many amazing people and it all started with finding Chloe’s review on Google and connecting with her and for that, I am forever grateful.  My experience working with Chloe was reflective, powerful and life-changing.”Natalie Alaimo



“I signed up to the Beautiful You life coaching course through Chloe because I resonated with her and knew that she could support me on this journey. Chloe is authentic, non-judgemental, courageous, generous and I knew I could be vulnerable with her – that she would ‘see me’ and support me all the way on my journey.

Through Chloe’s full support I came out of our coaching series feeling amazing and with the full confidence that I could achieve my goals by just being myself. My experience with Chloe has set me up with a deep confidence to continue a new career and flourish, that’s not just a dream for me anymore.

I got so much out of our coaching series together and the group calls were another dimension to connect with all the learnings going on with the study. The resources and emails were an invaluable bonus to witness Chloe’s own journey as a coach and the practical sharing of her insights and learnings gained along the way.

If you’re thinking of working with Chloe in this way I would say it’s a no brainer, she is authentic and amazing — she will see you, hold you and motivate you to be your best self. Chloe provided me with so much and was so generous in sharing all her knowledge. She is a truly gracious, empowering and supportive coach.” — Marie-Ann Taylor


“I didn’t realise there was an affiliate program when I was looking at the Beautiful You life coaching course, so I am super grateful that I found Chloe’s review of the course. After looking around at other affiliate offers I liked Chloe’s review and bonus offer the best. I particularly liked that working with Chloe in a coaching series would support my certification with Beautiful You.

So hard to pick one thing that was my favourite in the bonus offer, but I’d say the Q&A sessions were super supportive through the training and it was great to connect with fellow trainees. I loved your emails, hearing about your first year as a coach and your helpful recommended resource guide, which I refer to regularly.

Chloe was amazing to work with in this way, I’m so grateful I found her review of the Beautiful You course. I valued the extra support with Q&A calls during my studies and all her extra tips for starting your own coaching business.

I also valued seeing a Beautiful You certified coach in action during our 3 month coaching series together, which you can use to support you to become a certified Beautiful You coach yourself. I will always remember how Chloe supported me to believe in myself when I didn’t. After our time working together in this way I am a more confident declutter coach at Be Simply Free and I feel worthy of having profitable business.”Bridget Johns


Want to know how to become a life coach? Here's everything you need to know about my experience training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy“I decided to work with Chloe in this way because I could feel her spirit of giving and gratitude through her website and speaking with her confirmed that. She was very genuine and down to earth and explained everything fully and wonderfully, so I knew exactly what to expect from the process.

The best part was having someone who took the same course as I did talk about what they did immediately following graduation and showing it was okay to grow slowly. She made me feel comfortable receiving guidance from someone who was a few levels ahead of me, instead of being or acting so wildly successful that I couldn’t relate to her.

The group Q&A sessions were amazing. I loved getting your “leadership” from having gone through the course before us, but also being able to connect more with my fellow trainees. The resource guide is absolutely amazing and I know it will be a tremendous help for months or even years to come.

I would absolutely recommend getting Chloe’s support for your Beautiful You journey, for me it was the best decision ever!”Antonisha Polite


“When I first connected with Chloe I was considering enrolling in the Beautiful You life coaching course and struggling with feeling confident as a coach. I felt incredibly excited to begin working together and I felt very much at ease as everything was super clear, so I felt comfortable in knowing what was to be expected of both of us.

I felt incredibly supported during my coaching series with Chloe and I felt like we worked on the goals that I really wanted to. The most transformative part of my coaching experience working with Chloe was overcoming blocks and beliefs I had about being a ‘successful’ coach and business owner. Being open-minded has allowed me to take a different path to achieving my goal and is a skill I will continue to use as I navigate this journey. I would describe my experience with Chloe as Insightful, productive and positive.

Chloe is an absolute joy to work with. Her support and encouragement throughout our coaching series really enabled me to shine and work extra hard towards achieving my goals. Chloe is incredibly authentic and her unique coaching style really suited my introverted personality. I always felt comfortable sharing everything from my struggles and challenges to being really honest about what I want to achieve – nothing was off limits with Chloe.

It is clear that Chloe is so passionate about her work and I really enjoyed our time together! It’s hard to put into words how much I appreciate all of her support and encouragement over the last 3 months, I am so incredibly grateful.”Sarah Bryan


Want to know how to become a life coach? Here's everything you need to know about my experience training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy

I decided to sign up to the Beautiful You life coaching course through Chloe because when we first connected she seemed to really care and I knew she would be attentive to my needs and dreams.

Chloe’s Beautiful You support was full of value, encouragement and support. I loved the extra encouragement I got (which I really needed to keep going with the course), the support to break through my fears of becoming a coach and I also really enjoyed the group sessions.

The best thing about receiving the bonus offer was getting my first pro-bono clients after one of our group Q&A calls and also the resource guide. I couldn’t have done it without her support, encouragement and dedication to her coaching and her clients.

I would definitely recommend getting Chloe’s support for your Beautiful You journey. I couldn’t have done it without her support, encouragement and dedication to her coaching and her clients. Thank you Chloe for your kindness and generosity throughout our adventure together — it was absolutely life changing, what an experience!”— Eliane Hong


“I had decided to do the Beautiful You life coaching course and finding the option to have Chloe as an additional support was a bonus that came with that. I said yes to working with Chloe in this way because meeting her face to face was a lovely introduction to feeling welcomed, supported and ready to undertake the next chapter in my story!

The best part of the bonus offer was having that extension of support away from the coaching series itself. To experience a coaching series first hand, having never had one before. To make extra connections with trainee coaches and an existing coach; to bounce extra ideas and gain that extra feedback on the work I was specifically doing with my own business and brand.

It really enhanced the learning for me, and the fact I didn’t have to pay extra to have that support was an absolute bonus! I also found the resource guide extremely useful – like a cheeky insight! That was something I really appreciated having.

If you’re thinking of teaming up with Chloe for her Beautiful You bonus offer, know that she is a total cutie and her energy, smile and warmth never falters. Her positive vibes and her kind, calming, caring nature is infectious, welcoming, and altogether a pure, joyful energy to be connected with. The only thing I would add is just that I’m grateful! You are so very much appreciated as a person. Thank you.” — Samantha Kelsie


Want to know how to become a life coach? Here's everything you need to know about my experience training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy decided to sign up to the Beautiful You life coaching course through Chloe because I felt that she was kind and would go the extra mile and I was so right! The best part of the bonus offer was her thoughtfulness throughout the whole experience and every part of this offer was meaningful and provided so much more support than I had imagined. The biggest thing I got out of the offer was the six coaching session, each session allowed me to process my thoughts and fears about coaching in a safe and life-enhancing way. I was very grateful that the Q&A sessions were offered as part of the package and I felt that I was able to ask anything in them.

I would describe my experience with signing up to the Beautiful You life coaching course through Chloe as over and above! She supported me incredibly and I have hugely appreciated her kindness. She is a very organised and thorough person by nature and this is communicated in EVERYTHING that she does. She is in your corner, willing you to be the best version of yourself, which allows you to step into your greatness.

I would not hesitate recommending this additional support from Chloe, I’m so glad I signed up through her and I have love working with her in this way. Chloe is thoughtful, kind, encouraging, positive, interested and passionate about her clients. She is super organised and methodical which provides a safety and framework within which to explore your hopes, dreams and aspirations. I feel blessed to have signed up to the Beautiful You course through Chloe, the stars were definitely aligned when I found her.”Karen Johnston


Want to know how to become a life coach? Here's everything you need to know about my experience training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy“When I first connected with Chloe I was trying to gather the courage to sign up for the Beautiful You life coaching course. I had some fear of failure and I wasn’t 100% sure I would be able to do the course to my own level of expectation. As I wanted to be a life coach myself, I knew that I’d not only be getting coached, but I would also have the chance to see how an established coach was running sessions. So I said, “Yes!” to signing up to the course through Chloe because once we got on Skype I felt like we had a lot in common and I could tell that she really cares about her clients.

There are so many things I appreciate about being coached by Chloe, but the biggest thing was just how much she cheered me on and made me feel supported and cared for. She also did extra things that were unexpected and very kind, and I could tell that she truly cared about me as a human being. I really enjoyed how open and honest Chloe was with me and that she said I could ask her anything, as this made me feel more comfortable and it allowed me to be open and honest myself. She was very genuine and caring, which I appreciated. My coaching experience with Chloe was transformative, strengthening, and uplifting.

The best thing about the study support sessions was being able to ask Chloe everyday, logistical questions about running a business. From questions on mailing lists, to all the articles and advice you sent to me after our sessions, I felt like she was a wealth of helpful information! These sessions were eye-opening, informative and educational.

The best thing about receiving Chloe’s Beautiful You bonus offer is going to sound really cheesy, but honestly it was YOU. Your kindness, your caring, your support, and your honesty all made this an amazing experience! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into supporting me. I’ve saved all of your emails because there’s so much valuable information and advice in them!” — Beth Moshier



If you’ve got questions about my experience becoming a coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I’ve created a free Q&A series especially for you answering all kinds of questions I’ve been asked about my training and being a life coach.

Enter your details below to get access to the four part Q&A sharing insights into my experience training and becoming a life coach with Beautiful You.

Plus I’ll also keep you updated on the 2019 Beautiful You Coaching Academy courses throughout the year.


Important details about my bonus offer:

∞  Full transparency is awesome (and really important to me) so I want to let you know that I am a super proud affiliate partner for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. This means if you sign up to the course through me I receive a ‘thank you’ commission. This is why I’m able to offer you an epic bonus offer at no extra cost to you. Please know I only ever promote things that I truly believe in. I’m so grateful for what it has done for me and I’d love to support you in this way too.

∞  Please do not enrol in the course using my name without getting in touch with me at and having a chat with me first. This is so we can chat more about teaming up together in this way and I can ensure I am the best person to support you in your coaching journey, particularly as my bonus offer includes one-to-one support.

∞  Important Note: If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage – please see graphic below), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!


Ready to become a life coach with Beautiful You and receive my support?


Get in touch here.


I would love to support you as you train to become a coach!


A review of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Here's how I became a life coach...

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